The left and violent misogyny

Tweets like this are the regular, common trade of supporters of trans ideology against women. The woke left is, apparently, fine with them and some leftists are even happy to repeat them.  It seems a lot of men on the left harbour some very sick fantasies.

by Phil Duncan

Here’s just a few of the kind of threats issued day in and day out against gender-critical women – feminists, marxists, etc – overwhelmingly by MEN (albeit men identifying as women).

“Kill all Terfs”. “Shoot a Terf today”. “All terfs deserve to be shot in the head”. “Would you kindly suck on my womanly dick – preferably choke on it”. “Terfs can choke on my Girl Dick”. (These misogynists love the idea of women, especially lesbians, being forced to suck their dicks and preferably choke). “All terfs need to cease existing. All of them. Gone. Wipe them from the Earth. They are a plague to be purged”. “I’m not into mass murder but I’ll commit terf genocide if I have to, tbh”. “What if someone traced the ip of that emily person and went and killed her because i’d do that but I’m a bit far”. “That’s the only thing terfs deserve. being doxxed and killed”. “I wanna direct a snuff film where multiple TERFS get shot in the head but don’t die, they just suffer in agony”. “Murder Germaine Greer”. “Hope someone slits Germaine Greer’s saggy fucking throat”. “Rad fems and terfs make me extra stabby”. And on and on and on it goes relentlessly.

These are documented by the hundreds and hundreds at sites such as ‘Terf is a Slur’ and ‘Peak Trans’.

Not exactly the language of a liberation movement.

This violent misogyny, however, is all fine and dandy with a large section of the left. Especially males.

Who would have guessed that the left involves quite so many men who have a massive chip on their shoulder against women and women’s rights and advances in society and have finally found a way of letting out their previously suppressed inner violent misogynist, albeit vicariously through going along with this vile material?  Where they can look woke – pro-trans – instead of obviously looking like the vicious misogynists they clearly are?

Not hard to see where people like “Comrade Delta” and co. come from then.  (Comrade Delta was a central leader of the British SWP, their national secretary no less, who sexually assaulted and raped female members and who was protected by other leaders.)  The British SWP, not surprisingly, has massively drunk of the trans ideology kool-aid.

And look at the International Socialist Organisation in the United States.  ISO was the largest organisation on the US left for several decades, before imploding earlier this year.  ISO drank massively from the trans ideology kool-aid and was viciously hostile to gender-critical leftists.  And, yes, of course, it also turned out to have been harbouring violent misogynists.

Indeed, it was the discovery that members of its central leadership had been acting rather like the Catholic hierarchy – in this case harbouring and protecting men assaulting women, while the Church hierarchy protected priests who raped kids and nuns who bashed kids – that brought ISO down like a pack of cards in a puff of wind.  (American ISO is the group that NZ ISO linked to in the States and whose postmodernist identity politics they have recycled in relation to women’s rights.)

But it’s not just a man thing. There are also lots of “third-wave feminists” – you know, the ones who have benefited massively from the struggles waged by second-wave feminists and leftists but who have nothing but contempt for the very people who fought and partly won those huge battles.

This one is a bit of a variation. “Truscum” are genuine transexuals; they are also hated by many of these males identifying as “trans women”.

It’s third-wave feminists who dismiss the women’s liberation activists of the late 1960s and early 1970s who actually got struggles for the right to abortion, equal pay and opportunities in the professions and workplaces in general, off the ground, along with progressive trade unionists and left-wing groups.  Third-wave feminists haven’t really done much fighting for women – their ‘feminism’ often seems to be more about molly-coddling super-entitled males who can’t grow up and cope as adults, especially men who claim to be women and want to gate-crash women’s sport, women’s changing rooms, women’s toilets, women’s prisons, women’s health resources, and even the definition of what a woman is.

When I was young you had to have empathy with oppressed people to be leftwing. You didn’t pretend to be them, just empathised and solidarised with them.  But, apparently not now, according to the new left. Indeed, it positively helps to be violently misogynist and also dismissive of the people who went before and won you so much.  And if they complain, pretend to be them and claim they are oppressing you.

In acting like ungrateful spoilt brats, a chunk of younger leftists mimic the capitalists who have contempt for the workers whose labour-power provides their profits.  British gender-critical transexual Miranda Yardley has, not surprisingly, called this layer of youthful faux radicals “the pampered offspring of neoliberalism”.

The people who write the vile stuff in these tweets actually believe they are on “the right side of history”, another of their bizarre ideas repeated by a bunch of people, mainly men, on the left.  Sorry lads, but violent misogyny will never put you on the right side of history – rather, it puts you well and truly in the cesspit of history.

Priscilla seems to have missed biology class at school

It should also be noted that accompanying this new trend to open violent misogyny there is the old sexism and chauvinism about the function of women.  In this narrative chunks of the left repeat the old conservative view that women are there to nurture and take care of the needs of men, not to fulfill their own needs.  This takes the form today of the argument that if men are hurting – in this case the men who say they are actual women – then the function of women is to tend their needs in the form of giving up their own spaces so men can occupy them.  So, let the men who claim to be hurting have women’s medals in sport, women’s toilet seats, women’s gyms, women’s showers, women’s health spending, women’s quotas, etc etc.

Not only is this the old conservative male entitlement and women as those who tend men’s every need ideology, it also let’s off the hook those men who assault and abuse males who present as women.  Instead of punishing women for the behaviour of some men, the actual progressive demand would be that male toilets and other male spaces be made safe for men who wish to present themselves in ways which are not traditionally male.  So a bloke in a dress should be able to go and pee at a urinal in a male toilet, for instance.  Instead of infringing on women’s rights by pretending he is “finding new ways of being a woman”, he should “find new ways of being a man” in men’s toilets, men’s changing rooms, men’s gyms.  It is not women’s problem, and it should not be women who are expected to just like it or lump it in the spaces they fought hard to have so they could participate more in society.

Moreover, just think about the notion that because some heterosexual men assault some trans-identified males the people who need to give up their spaces are. . . women.  This is the same mentality as the Zionist one that because Jews suffered centuries of persecution and pogrom, and then the holocaust, at the hands of white, Christian Europeans the people who should give up space for Jews are. . . the Palestinians.

Fortunately, there is a growing number of people who understand all this.  Among these are those elements of the younger generation who are not self-obsessed, social-climbing, self-centred bourgeois children and who do show empathy with the oppressed and exploited, as most women are.  This section of young people are part of the leadership of the fight to defend the rights women have won over the decades.  They have contempt for the men who identify as ‘left’ yet indulge and enable the relentless stream of violent misogyny coming from so many of the straight males who identify as ‘trans women’.  And they don’t believe women should have to give up a big chunk of their hard-won social space because some men want those spaces.  It is out of these elements of the younger generation that a new layer of genuine anti-capitalists, as opposed to tantrum-throwing children, will come.

For myself, I know I will never look in the same way at those left males, including a few former friends, who have turned out to be enablers of this relentless stream of violent misogyny.  Those of us who do not share their disgusting attitudes towards women should maybe – at the very least – find some new friends.  I know I have.

And we should join in the campaign to support women under attack from misogynist trans activists.  In particular,  we should stand up for the right of women to organise and speak publicly in defence of their rights and not be silenced by an ongoing campaign of threats of extremely brutal anti-women violence.

Defend the women who, in Britain, are getting police visits for daring to say in public, “Trans women are not women” and that the definition of woman is “Adult human female” while nothing is done about this endless stream of violent misogyny on Twitter and other social media and outside women’s rights meetings.

And as for the men who are ducking the issue – stop being cowards when women are under attack.  Grow a spine, step up and support the most fundamental rights of women, instead of chickening out.  If you guys don’t have the basic gumption to defend the most simple and basic rights of women don’t expect us to take your claims to be “revolutionary” seriously.  People who can’t even voice opposition to violent misogyny will never  get up the gumption to be on any barricades.

Now, also think how these same misogyny-indulgent leftists would react if this kind of violent hate was directed by white tweeters at Maori, Australian Aboriginals, black Americans. . .  It wouldn’t be tolerated for a second.  But it is perfectly OK for this utter poison to be directed at women.  How fucked up has much of the left in the imperialist world become?  (Doesn’t this stuff read rather like the racist diatribes of white supremacists, giving off a strong whiff of fascism?  And contempt for women and women’s rights is, after all, a core fascist attitude.)

Back in 1845 Marx wrote, “Both for the production on a mass scale of this communist consciousness, and for the success of the cause itself, the alteration of men on a mass scale is necessary, an alteration which can only take place in a practical movement, a revolution; this revolution is necessary, therefore, not only because the ruling class cannot be overthrown in any other way, but also because the class overthrowing it can only in a revolution succeed in ridding itself of all the muck of ages and become fitted to found society anew.”

A whole bunch of leftist men seem determined to be part of “the muck of ages” rather than “fitted to found society anew”.  Never has the need for a new left been more apparent.


  1. I wanted to share this post, but the highly objectionable tweet by Priscilla at work kept showing very bold above the t smallish title. I won’t share with that as the first thing people see. It obscures the article and looks misogynistic devoid of context

    • Hi Manuel, unfortunately one of the objectionable tweets will always show at the top. Taking all the tweets out would undermine the point of the article, which is to show just how disgusting the attacks on women are. Other people have gone ahead and shared, adding notes to say what the article is about.

    • Manuel, I’ll share with you my immediate thought regarding Priscilla’s comment. I wouldn’t want to eat his undoubtedly stinky cock, but I would gladly cook it and feed it to my dogs. I hate these comments from creeps but when you see their photos — they’re usually hideous and look like they last bathed last century — it helps to have a good laugh.

      • Your comment certainly made me laugh Susan. I think our side has the wit as well as the science and better politics on this issue!


  2. I teach a class of poorly educated youngsters, and they bought up the subject of TIMs in women’s sport the other day. These are ordinary working class kids with no politics and they think the whole thing is bizarre and ridiculous although they stressed they had no ill will towards transgender people. The left is being damaged massively by these insane ideas

    • The fact the poorly educated kids see through the veneer of “educated respectability ” surrounding the “Trans attack ” on women seems to me like the “poorly educated , probably working class ” kids don’t have an issue , the “left ” isn’t damaged , as always the left seeks to engage in “extreme inclusion”…to the detriment of anyone standing in their ideological way ? .

  3. I have a political relationship with a bunch of hardcore working class activists in an oppressed country. Not one of them that has expressed views on the subject buys into trans ideology. Not one. They think it is madness and very anti-women’s rights. They are pro-women, pro-gay and not at all ill-disposed to people who simply want to escape gender stereotypes. There is a whole working class world out there that has not drunk the kool-aid and never will. The left elements that push this stuff, that is as mad as it is misogynist, are painting themselves into a corner. But clearly blissfully unaware they are doing so.


    • It is violent porn words, made by violent men claiming to be women. Gay men are abused in a similar way. More and more straight men and women know about it. Thanks to sharing on Facebook.

    • It is “anti woman” as we speak proctor & gamble who produce ” sanitary products ” for women are removing the venus image as they feel ” it excludes trans women ” who possibly may need their products ? , the space women inhabit is being eroded daily , athletes across all sports “self identifying ” while actual real life living women who need sanitary products where the tax/vat is higher still suffer & have to share their space with no questions asked ?? Don’t be thinking so .

    • Ireland has so far escaped this madness , I have been saying it for years …It’s gonna hit like a ton of bricks & again women who are equated to reproduction will be marginalized for the one’s screaming “TERF” …”KILL ALL TERFS ” … bring it on as clearly I’m a “TERF” …not afraid to say it …I’m standing up for women …and clearly this world is #NoPlaceForWomen .

    • Totally, Phil. No one who lives an actual life — working and struggling to pay bills, doing chores, taking care of other adults, kids, animals — buys into this crap. The so-called leftist women I have had contact with who support transgenderism are women with trust funds who play at being leftist (and would swallow any neoliberal kool-aid they were given). Men’s misogyny is no secret but it is extremely depressing to see how misogynistic many women are, including women who should know better.

  4. Being a woman is an uphill struggle every day , when your life is equated to reproductive ability it lessens every woman who ever existed, when men who have been privileged all their lives decide they want to “be a women” the gloves are well and truly off and anything or anyone in their way is steamrolled ….their demands to be treated “equally as women” come from a place of privileged entitlement, they are entitled to treat “actual biological women” and any feelings the actual women have like they approach war …It’s annihilation .

  5. This is a great essay and summed up my feelings regarding leftist (read “neoliberal”) support for transgenderism.

    “Who would have guessed that the left involves quite so many men who have a massive chip on their shoulder against women and women’s rights and advances in society and have finally found a way of letting out their previously suppressed inner violent misogynist, albeit vicariously through going along with this vile material? Where they can look woke – pro-trans – instead of obviously looking like the vicious misogynists they clearly are?”

    My experience of the left in the Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A., area in the 1970s was many things, but as a working-class woman it was often hilariously hypocritical. Some socialists held a meeting and couldn’t understand why working-class people didn’t show up. Jeezums, maybe patronizing people isn’t the best way to connect with them! I swear, one of the major results of a college education is to make students think they are better than other people.

    Redline is my current favorite website (I want to read the iphone, t-shirt, and coffee essays) — how I wish we had something in the U.S. that was as good!

    • Hi Susan, thanks for your comments.

      It is always good to find people who get what we are trying to do.

      Most of us have been to university at some point, but most of us have also held ‘regular’ jobs, including blue-collar jobs, for long periods of time.

      We come from quite different left traditions but have found our way together. Interestingly, we all came quite independently to gender-critical positions. I think that is the result of two things – our marxism and our being rooted in reality. I have also found I get on really well with some class-struggle anarchists and there is a core of them who arrived at gender-critical positions.

      And some of our best political friends these days are serious materialist feminists, ie rational, scientific-minded feminists who have been championing the understanding that there is a material reality that exists outside of individual consciousness and belief.

      If you ever fancy writing some stuff, we’d be keen to hear about this.

      Phil F

      • our being rooted in reality

        And that says it all. I have said this over and over on feminist websites that one can only come up with some of the goofy ideas of postmodernism by being so alienated from reality that one believes the garbage in one’s head (and how exactly is that different from people who view the bible literally?) over every evidence to the contrary. There are no squirrels, porcupines, skunks, weasels, deer, foxes, snowshoe hares or anyone else living in my woods who claims to be transgender.

        I am thinking of something about how in a materially glutted society people seem to have no interest in material goods. ?????

    • I took a look at the fb group. Great idea to have a marxist-feminist fb group. I hope it grows and goes really well.

      Yep, we are open to submissions. A bunch of excellent gender-critical articles on Redline, for instance, have been written by people outside our blog collective/immediate circle. While we are in New Zealand, we have people writing from a number of other countries now.

      We are running a lot of material on gender-critical/defending women’s rights perspectives at present. But other areas we are especially keen to cover are imperialism and the super-exploitation of the Third World, working class struggles, socialism and women’s liberation, socialism and gay liberation, inter-imperialist rivalry, the changing contours of capitalist ideology, commodification (of everything!). . .

      Although we are a small blog with no resources based in the most liberal/apolitical society in the world, we got over 41,000 views last month, and in the mid-high 20,000s for the several months before that. So we’re doing not too bad for our context/conditions.

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      Phil F

  6. Susan, you said: “I am thinking of something about how in a materially glutted society people seem to have no interest in material goods. ?????” Sounds a very good idea to explore.

  7. I believe the whole transgender project – and it intentional – is a psy-op by the elite to achieve several critical goals:
    – distract the population while they pillage the last of the planet’s resources
    – indoctrinate an entire generation into denying biological reality which is just the beginning of transhumanism
    – profit from transgender therapies – surgeries and pharmaceutical drugs
    – roll back women’s rights and terrorize women so that they withdraw from the public sphere

    It’s a brilliant Trojan horse strategy that’s, sadly, working because of the brainwashing of the 1% that promoted neoliberalism and the belief that individuals are responsible for everything that happens to them – good or bad – and not due to an exploitive economic and political system.

    We’re well and truly f*cked as a species. It’s as if the male human have gone rogue.

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