Class is the elephant in the newsroom

The Platform a new multimedia outlet that promises to defend free speech and cover a broad range of views has just launched. Redline writer Daphna Whitmore looks at the state of the media in an opinion piece for the Platform.

After listening to Morning Report for decades I switched off last year.

Radio New Zealand’s charter says it must cover a range of opinions of public interest. The abandonment of the charter is stark when it comes to identity politics. For instance, the station has embraced the doctrine of gender identity. If a bearded man declares he is a woman then according to the doctrine he is literally a biological woman. There is no airtime on RNZ for non believers. This ideology, imported from the US, has now seeped into most institutions. So too has the adoption of critical race theory with its assertion of white supremacy, as if New Zealand has Jim Crow laws.

RNZ is not the only media to embrace woke politics, it is common in print, digital media and television. Woke is seen as a left political trend but it talks about privilege while ignoring class. In the English speaking world the working class majority is white, and asserting that the working class is privileged is about as audacious as the claim that someone with a penis is a woman. Read the rest of the article here.