Govt pushing contentious gender identity law

The Government has announced it intends making sex self-identification possible this year, as a priority. That would mean anyone could change the sex documented on their birth certificate by a simple declaration that they “identify” as the opposite sex.

Speak Up For Women have launched a campaign encouraging New Zealanders to oppose the law change. They point out that self ID undermines the rights females have fought for and would have consequences in relation to:

  • Access to single-sex spaces and institutions (e.g. changing rooms, girls’ schools, women’s shelters, rape crisis centres, GirlGuiding, women’s prisons)
  • Access to single-sex services such as caregiving, counselling and health professionals
  • Meaningful records and statistics – e.g. crime, health, employment, pay gap
  • Allocation of resources
  • Female-only scholarships and quotas
  • Sports teams

Speak Up is calling on the Government to return the BDMRR Bill to select committee. Despite the lack of public consultation and Crown Law’s advice that the Bill is flawed the government may try to push the law through. Please share SUFW’s website link far and wide.


  1. I have put in some of my brainstorming thoughts in a comment and it is awaiting moderation. Maybe the number of links could be a problem. Brainstorming about why people may seek gender change. Looking at dissociative identity disorder from Daniel Amen’s recent article. Also that more men wish to change and asking why, noting that a lot more women attend university.

  2. How much of the desire to change gender-ID arises from stereotypes drummed into us? Would there be something more fundamental?

    “Patients with gender dysphoria (GD) report significant dissociative symptoms and are found to have a high prevalence of a dissociative disorder of any kind. When GD patients elect to undergo cross-sex hormone therapy, there is a significant reduction in dissociative symptoms. However, to the best of our knowledge, there are no known case reports that describe an alteration of personalities in dissociative identity disorder after initiating cross-sex hormone therapy. Thus, we present a case of a 20-year-old transgender male with GD, whom after initiating cross-sex hormone therapy with testosterone experienced an increased presence of his existing male personalities.”

    Readers may be able to find links to the case of Christchurch person Joan Bellingham who in the 1970s received 200 sessions of electroconvulsive following her openness about being gay. Maybe with the intention of driving out the evil spirit. Think re burning witches in the old days.

    If you were able to find amenclinics “actress-shares-her-multiple-personality-disorder-diagnosis” you may have noted the request for more consideration for DID people. Their lives may not be pleasant to themselves and if DID happens to be a factor in some gender dysphoria, and we don’t really want those people in the toilet of their choice then we ought to think of other ways for them.

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