The science denial being taught in schools

This video was sent to Redline by a couple from Seattle who produced it. It looks at the gender identity curriculum used in schools in the US. A thin veneer of pseudoscience is being used to indoctrinate children with an ideology based on scientific and medical inaccuracies. The schools have been keeping this curriculum hidden and it was obtained through a public disclosure request.


    • Bruner: “Any subject can be
      taught effectively in some intellectually honest form to
      any child at any stage of development”
      He was working with maths. Now what about for the subject of stereotypes?

      • Sorry forgot to say of course I don’t mean readiness to have stereotypical attitudes or behaviours drummed into them, but to be aware of that process.

  1. Very good video. And the schools crap is a real sign of the times unfortunately: we are passing through what seems to be a historical period of “morbid symptoms”, to use a Gramscian term. Irrationalism, anti-science and emotionalism reign over rationality, science, analysis. Plus there is a herd mentality among layers of the liberal middle class.
    Phil F

    • There is also the corporatocratic influence, which if it is to upset profitable business may not want school pupils to learn to see through the process of having stereotypes imposed on them. Ways of being conditioned by what comes out of ANZAC day: I was carried along at school by the military cadet scheme but soon later twigged to conscientious objection when I hadn’t really understood those kids at school. From the past – a slave shouldn’t be able to read and write:

  2. Follow the $$ to the #PigsattheTrough Big Pharma/Big Charidee love this cult – they have lifelong patients on the one hand, and a never-ending revenue stream on the other to help everyone ‘be kind’…..

    To call out this Naked Emperor and his non-existent clothes is to be branded a BiGoT 😉 here’s the real hatred.

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