Monthly lectures introducing Capital Volume 1

Karl Marx’s Capital remains the most important theoretical work explaining the capitalist mode of production from a working class and socialist perspective. 

The Centre for the Study of Social and Global Justice (CSSGJ) is pleased to be hosting a series of monthly lectures introducing each part of Volume 1 by Andy Higginbottom, as well as a weekly reading group throughout 2022. 

The cycle started on 7th February, and has completed Part One. 

The monthly lectures emphasise: 

  • how Marx uses revolutionary dialectics to control shifts in the levels of abstraction between production and circulation, essence and appearance. 
  • how we might apply and develop Marx’s concepts to address contemporary issues of global capitalist injustice: especially inequalities and labour super-exploitation. 
  • the need to continue on to study Capital as a whole, all three volumes – to fully realise its potential in analysing concrete reality. 

The first four lectures are available for viewing at

Free tickets for upcoming lectures, please register at   

The weekly reading group is a participatory learning process to: 

  • study the text closely and methodically, engaging with Marx’s exposition as it develops 
  • work with the key concepts, discussing a multitude of examples 
  • appreciate the structure of Volume 1 and how that fits into the overall arc of Capital

To join the CSSGJ hosted group, please email the CSSGJ’s Secretary at:  

Please let us know: 

  • any aspects of Capital that you are particularly interested in, and why 
  • any academic or relevant affiliations. 

We are equally happy, if you want to organise your own group using the lectures as you see fit. Both the monthly lecture and the weekly study group are held via Zoom.