AUT cancels ‘cancel culture’ union meeting

by Daphna Whitmore

The Auckland University of Technology has just deplatformed a talk on cancel culture. Yes, you read that right.

The cancellation was instigated by an “Inclusion Officer” (of course it was). 

A bit Orwellian isn’t it? 

I was invited to give a lecture at a Free Speech Union meeting about how a feminist group fought a battle against cancel culture. The meeting room was booked two months ahead without a hitch. It was only when the talk was advertised on Facebook that a couple of people complained to University management. 

The meeting was then cancelled by campus management with just two days’ notice. The reason the manager gave was it had been advertised as ‘open to the public’.

So the FSU put out a notice that it would be for AUT employees only (which the university is required to respect under employment law). However, this didn’t satisfy the cancellers either because, of course, the real reason for the deplatforming was political difference. Any other union, on any other issue, would have been welcomed with aplomb.

Speak Up For Women is a grassroots feminist movement that was founded in 2018 to discuss a proposed law change that would make it possible to change the sex on one’s birth certificate by a simple declaration. We were concerned about safety, fairness, and dignity for women and girls. Read the rest of the article here.