Capital Vol. 3: The Andy Higginbottom lectures series

Dr Andy Higginbottom

This lecture series by Andy Higginbottom on Capital Volume 3 took place from August to December 2020. The series looked at the structure of Marx’s Capital as informed by Hegel’s science of logic. Andy argues that more attention needs to be given to the super-exploitation of labour and examines how it manifests itself in capitalism. He looks at Marini’s theory of labour super-exploitation, the problem of converting surplus-value into the rate of profit, and examines whether profit rates really equalise. He discusses Marx’s solution and (some of) the interpretive literature in the converting of surplus-value into the rate of profit. Plus lots more: 

Lecture 1 The Overall Structure and Logic of Capital’s Three Volume

Lecture 2: Marini’s theory of labour super-exploitation and Capital

Lecture 3: Capital Volume 3 Part 1

Lecture 4: Capital Volume 3 Part 2 Marx and the interpretive literature

Lecture 5: Capital Volume 3 Part 2 with labour super-exploitation

Lecture 6: Capital Volume 3 Part 3