Majority of Syriza central committee reject austerity deal

Photo: Louisa Gouliamaki via Getty Images
Photo: Louisa Gouliamaki via Getty Images

STATEMENT by 109 (out of 201 in total) members of Syriza’s Central Committee:

Athens, July 15, 2015.

The 12th of July in Brussels, a coup took place in Brussels which demonstrated that the goal of the European leaders was to inflict an exemplary punishment on a people which had envisioned another path, different from the neoliberal model of extreme austerity. It is a coup directed against any notion of democracy and popular sovereignty.

The agreement signed with the “Institutions” was the outcome of threats of immediate economic strangulation and represents a new Memorandum imposing odious and humiliating conditions of tutelage that are destructive for our country and our people.

We are aware of the asphyxiating pressures that were exercised on the Greek side, we consider nevertheless that the proud NO of working people in the referendum does not allow the government to give up in the face the pressures of the creditors.

This agreement is not compatible with the ideas and the principles of the Left, but, above anything else, is not compatible with the needs of the working classes. This proposal cannot be accepted by the members and the cadres of Syriza.

We ask the Central Committee to convene immediately and we call on the members, the cadres and the MPs of Syriza to preserve the unity of the party on the basis of our conference decisions and of our programmatic commitments.



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  1. […] “Majority of Syriza central committee reject austerity deal” englische Übersetzung am … des Dokuments das von 109 (der insgesamt 201) Mitglieder des ZK von Syriza unterzeichnet wurde und in dem die sofortige Einebrufung einer Sitzung des ZK gefordert wird und dazu aufgerufen, die Einheit der Partei auf der Basis gefasster Beschlüsse zu sichern – das Memorandum sei sowohl gegen die Prinzipien der Linken gerichtet, als auch und vor allem gegen die Interessen der arbeitenden Klassen, die ihre Haltung gerade vorher im Referendum sehr deutlich gemacht habe. […]

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