A great NO by the Greek people

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Redline received this message from a member group inside Syriza

greece-bailout-referendum1) We are in front of a great NO by the Greek People, who stands defiant and fighting against the ultimatums and the destructive policies imposed on Greece by the troika and its local supporters. Today’s NO has a pan-hellenic, national, popular, democratic character. It proves once again that the Greek People has a great reserve of courage and resisting spirit, and storms the political scene, as it has always happened in critical moments of our History.

2) This great NO, around 61,5%, comes despite the (unforeseen in post-war Europe) terror campaign and direct threats by all the systemic reactionary forces on European and international level. Moreover, it has been achieved despite the manifest weaknesses of the Greek Left’s forces. It is a result that was not expected by all those who underestimate the Greek people’s courage, and this remark is valid no matter how huge difficulties we shall face tomorrow (literally!).

3) The referendum’s result represents a crushing defeat of the pro-troika internal opposition, which, in vain, spared no effort to distort the meaning of the referendum and to multiply the fear amongst the Greek society. It represents a crushing defeat of the whole old political, business and media system. Already the former Prime Minister and leader of the right wing opposition, Antonis Samaras, has resigned from the leadership of “Nea Dimokratia” party.

4) The big victory of NO is sending a resounding message outside Greece as well. It is a NO organically connected with all the struggles waged by the peoples of Europe and of the whole world, aiming at paving new paths against neoliberalism and imperialist interventions. In this sense, the “other Europe” we are all fighting for is a cause that must be upheld by all the peoples, not by the Greek people alone. Today more than ever, a democratic awakening all over Europe is necessary and possible!

We shall try to keep you updated. We thank you for your encouraging and touching support, and we urge you to get in your hands the flag of the struggle waged by the Greek people. Keep on fighting!

Athens, 5 July 2015

PS: Below we send you the link (and the lyrics in English) of a song that you can hear now, at this very moment, in Syntagma square and all over Greece. Thank you Comrades! Thank you Friends!

[Lyrics: Yannis Ritsos, from the “Eighteen Songs of the Bitter Motherland”. Music: Mikis Theodorakis]

A small people, and they fight without swords or bullets

For the bread of the entire world, for its light, its song.

Beneath their tongue they hold the howls and the hurrahs

And if they decide to sing them, boulders break apart.


View on www.youtube.com Preview by Yahoo
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  2. sartesian says:

    “the pro-troika internal opposition, which, in vain, spared no effort to distort the meaning of the referendum and to multiply the fear amongst the Greek society”

    OK, so what did the pro-Troika say the referendum was about, what was the real issue at stake, according to the language of the referendum, and what then is the real meaning of the “no” vote on the referendum?

  3. Daphna says:

    The pro-Troika campaigned yes to Europe and yes to the Euro, but that sort of rhetoric didn’t convince the people. They are seen as responsible for the mess Greece is in, while the Troika is offering Syriza a worse austerity programme than they offered the former Greek government.

    The result of the referendum is a big slap in the face for the Troika. Not fatal, but bruising.

    There is no doubt that Syriza, and the Greek people, are still between a rock and a hard place. But they are facing it with a fighting spirit.