Marxism 2014: Michael Roberts on Marx’s crisis theory & world economy, plus discussion session

We wouldn’t normally put up a video this long, however Michael Roberts’ presentation on Marxist crisis theory and the current state of the world economy is one of those occasions where we think it worth putting up the video and not just a link to it.  We frequently run material of Michael’s so for folks who read his stuff on Redline, here’s a lot of what he writes about presented in a very straightforward talk – and with illustrations!  The questions and comments from the audience are also very good, making some important points and allowing Michael to expand on key ideas.

Marx’s crisis theory doesn’t get dealt with much on the NZ left; many of our ‘Marxists’ don’t bother themsevles much with Marx’s most important works, most especially the three volumes of Capital, the Grundrisse and the three-part Theories of Surplus-Value, so we hope there will be a good amount of interest in the video below among NZ readers of ours in particular.

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  1. As one of the people speaking from the floor noted, Michael’s work is crucial for anyone seriously interested in trends in the world capitalist economy (and also for particular countries like Britain and the USA, the two individual economies about which he writes quite a lot).

    It’s good, too, that Michael is pretty ecumenical politically-speaking. He did the above session at the British SWP’s Marxism 2014 and he’s presenting a session at the CPGB’s Communist University this month.

    We need more folks like him.


  2. Michael’s grip on the subject is evident in how he makes complex things understandable. I was impressed too by the quality of the questions and comments from the audience.

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