The NZ Palestine Solidarity Network has called a protest at the massacres currently happening on the Gaza border. Join the solidarity movement with the  “Great March of Return” to demand refugees and their descendants be allowed to return to their ancestral homes in Israel.

They have been met with bullets and tear gas fired from drones by the Israeli military.

This peaceful protest is expected to continue until 15 May when Palestinians commemorate The Naqba when more than 700,000 people were either forced to flee or were forcefully expelled from their homes in the war surrounding Israel’s creation in 1948.

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Canterbury Socialist Society presents “Workers Against War” – a public lecture on this history of the Workers’ Movement opposition to the First World War.

Every year ANZAC Day commemorations seem more like war propaganda than the last – and we aim to provide a touch of counter history: that of sedition, desertion, rebellion, refusal, and fraternisation of workers on the front.

We are very pleased to welcome for a second time guest speaker Dan Bartlett. Dan is a historian whose research with Voices Against War focused on New Zealand opposition to the First World War. Dan will be focusing on the activities of Socialists in Christchurch during the war years.

Socialist Society chair Tom Roud will speak on the tension and eventual split in the international workers’ movement over the question of supporting one’s own ruling class in the war. He will be focusing primarily on the Read the rest of this entry »

The following statement was issued by the Irish socialist-republican organisation Éirígí on March 31:

Photo: Mohammed Salem/ Reuters

The Israeli war machine has been let lose against the people of Gaza yet again, captives in the biggest prison in the world.

So far today it has been reported by Palestinian medical staff on the ground that around 14 people have been murdered and thousands injured, many seriously, after being shot and teargassed after the ‘Israeli’ Offence Forces provoked Read the rest of this entry »

Hear Lumad Educators speaking at Auckland University Law School
Wednesday 28 March 2018 at 6pm
Stone Lecture Theatre (room 316) 9 Eden Crescent.

This month the Auckland Philippines Solidarity (APS), has been hosting a speaking tour of three Lumad (Indigenous peoples) educators from Mindanao, Southern Philippines.

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Children of South Auckland Clendon Park Primary giving our guests from Mindanao (southern Philippines) a warm Aotearoa welcome.

In June last year Philippine President Duterte, immediately following his State of the Nation Address, and when confronted by thousands of indigenous activists, threatened to have the military bomb the independent indigenous schools that had been established in the ancestral domains of the Lumad tribes (

His threats are not hollow; Mindanao is currently under ‘martial law’ and under the guise of “counterinsurgency” and in the interests of big mining corporations, hundreds of military and para-military attacks against the schools have occurred. The attacks include military encampments within the schools, indiscriminate firing against schools, threats, harassment and intimidation of students and teachers, the destruction and divestment of school property, imprisonment of school leaders and even the killing of students and teachers. Thousands of students have been affected and several schools have been forced to close.Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 9.55.20 AM

In response, the Lumad communities launched the Save Our Schools (SOS) campaign and gained national recognition after a  Read the rest of this entry »

by Don Franks

It happened again yesterday, on Morning Report. Air New Zealand boss Christopher Luxton airily deflected the interviewer’s awkward question: “No, Suzie, Im not going there because its commercially sensitive.” 

This refusal to reveal how much US president Obama’s visit cost the company was accepted, because “commercial sensitivity” is among the magic words and phrases capitalism uses to protect its interests.  Read the rest of this entry »

West Virginia school workers defied the authorities and their own union leaders – as a result they won an important victory

by The Spark

Over 20,000 West Virginia public school teachers and 13,000 school employees will get 5 percent raises, starting in July of 2018. How did this happen?

A strike that started in a few southern coal mining counties caught fire. It was joined by other workers and became a state-wide strike. Every public school in West Virginia was closed for 9 days.

In this state where public employees have no collective bargaining rights, over 30,000 people “bargained” by not going to work. They gathered by the thousands each day at the state capitol and decided together when they would go back to work.

Rank-and-file teachers made sure their strike was well organized. When union officials announced a tentative “deal” with the governor, teachers organized themselves to not go back to work. They had no trust in the politicians and wanted everything in writing.

Many teachers had not wanted to Read the rest of this entry »

“As capitalist, he is only capital personified. His soul is the soul of capital. But capital has one single life impulse, the tendency to create value and surplus-value, to make its constant factor, the means of production, absorb the greatest possible amount of surplus-labour. Capital is dead labour, that, vampire-like, only lives by sucking living labour, and lives the more, the more labour it sucks. The time during which the labourer works, is the time during which the capitalist consumes the labour-power he has purchased of him. If the labourer consumes his disposable time for himself, he robs the capitalist.”
-Marx, Capital Vol. 1, Ch. 10, Section 1, ‘ The Limits of the Working Day’.

For Canterbury Socialist Society’s March event we are returning to some of Marx’s foundational texts regarding political economy and its critique.

A comrade and Wellington-based supporter of the CSS will be presenting on Marx’s exposition of ‘The Working Day’. The lecture will examine the  Read the rest of this entry »