Women’s rights meeting silenced

By Don Franks

Today my friend Ani O’Brien went to a meeting in Auckland and wrote:

“No sooner had Kellie-Jay Keen Minshull arrived at the Rotunda, a protestor (who had managed to get past the barrier) ran at her and threw a red substance all over her and a security guard. As she attempted to clean up, the protestors pushed over, crushed, and dismantled the barriers and swarmed around her.

At this point, I was caught in the angry crowd. I had whistles blown in my face, abuse screamed at me, and I was fearful for my own safety. This was nothing compared to what Kellie-Jay endured. She was trapped and surrounded by a mob screaming abuse and trying to get past her security guards.

There were no police in sight. Despite widely publicised threats of violence, the police were nowhere near the protest frontlines to prevent the event from devolving into chaos as it did.

Protesters stormed the #LetWomenSpeak open air meeting stopping the women speaking

I had to call the police from the middle of the screaming crowd! And even then they weren’t particularly concerned that a woman was trapped in the midst of a mob determined to get to her.

I have never been more concerned about our country. Free speech is completely dead when the angriest and loudest activists are allowed to decide who gets to speak and listen.”

It’s clear that some who complain that words are “literal violence” have no problem dishing out actual violence to get their way.

Also clear that some, who, without any foundation call Kellie- Jay Keen a Nazi, act exactly as the Nazis did when confronted with a public meeting they didn’t like.

Why the extreme behaviour?

Kellie- Jay Keen is a woman’s rights activist who bluntly promotes a simple message – humans can’t change their sex, women are entitled to their private spaces and are entitled to their language. Because it’s a fact that humans can’t change their sex, those who would have it otherwise prefer to shut down debate rather than argue their ultimately untenable position.

Why the New Zealand government and mainstream news media have become captive to a cultist ideology is not yet apparent. What is apparent is that pandering to this ideology has created an ugly climate of fear for women who insist on standing up for their rights.

The scold’s bridle is back.

New Zealand women, first in the world to win the right to vote, have another fight on their hands.

The politicians and media hacks in positions of power, who urged on the mob today, have betrayed the trust of all decent people. It’s time for anyone who really values freedom of speech and civilised exchange of ideas to share and act on Ani O’Brien’s concern at the state our society.

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  1. The state is the superstructure of capitalism and lends the appearance that it is separate from the ruling class. It is NOT. It is the violent economic repressive apparatus given “legitimacy” through the bourgeois legal system. The reason the police didn’t show up is because they only exist to serve the interests of the ruling class and in this case the “transgender” (TM) commodification of human bodies to SELL the IDEA you can “change your sex”. Interference in the ruling class SALES and ADVERTISING of a multibillion dollar project will NEVER be allowed. Marx wrote about all of this and the apparatus of the state to continue the ruling class interests at the expense of the many. I read Capital Vol. I while I was in JAIL, myself, for nothing more than the state “violating” (as if rights are anything more than sophist IDEALISM under bourgeois rule) my “free speech” hundreds of times over. None of this is new. This happened to socialists/trade unionists/anarchists and ESPECIALLY COMMUNISTS for going on well over 150 years now, only this time wearing a dress and bad wig. It happens to any small, organized group of people who go against bourgeois rule—women, minorities, Jehovah’s Witnesses, etc.. And if any of us had rights as anything more than “temporary privileges” they couldn’t be taken away at will interestingly always serving ruling class interests. As you can see in this tranny(TM) example women do not have any rights or this could not happen. It’s just jolting to most people when it happens to THEM directly, that they can start getting over the cognitive dissonance of BAHLEEEVING they have any value/rights under bourgeois rule. You are nothing more than a disposable worker/commodity. Everything else people imagine about their value to this system is just that: IMAGINARY.

    Violence against women is nothing new under private property either. Even bourgeois suffragists (women) were violently attacked getting their “right” to vote for our common oppressors. Most people still don’t seem to grasp that the “left” is the “left” of capitalist bourgeois political economy and not some sort of actual “left” which would occupy another plane entirely.

    The “press” is a bourgeois corporate institution as well and they only exist through selling…ADVERTISING, so it of course, logically follows they would promote this fuckwitted idiocy. Literally the logical pathway of a BUSINESS who makes its money SELLING shit. Turn on the news and you will get a series of commercials BEFORE you get any censored/propaganda “news”. The news agencies all call males she/her and moron women who pretend they are men, he/him. All of it has a logic. It’s just so beyond the depraved idiocy that it jolts people, scares them, because it’s so “in your face stupid” that it causes a lot of reactionary “actions” by small groups of people who will change nothing. Feminism is a case in point of ridiculous identity politics that does NOTHING to address the ECONOMIC portion of the POLITICAL ECONOMY of capitalism. There is a writer named Jennifer Bilek who writes extensively on the ECONOMIC underpinnings of this current violent ideology promoted by the capitalist state. You may want to read it to regain your footing and help you place this “trans” (TradeMark) latest imperialist commodification of humanity itself (along with prostitution/med/pharm pathologizing everything to sell drugs/surrogacy/etc.) into the larger perspective. It really is nothing more than the last colonization areas left to imperialism. It’s solution is a Marxist-Leninist REVOLUTION. Nothing else will stop it. FACT.

    So now it is only a question of people actually reading Marx for theory, establishing a vanguard party to lead the proletariat in the struggle for the evolution of humanity. Either this is done or people will sit stupefied while the world falls down around their ears.

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