Talking’ Posey Parker Blues

by Molten Moira from Motueka

If you want to be a woman let me tell you what to do 
Get a piece of paper and a biro too
Write down your new identification 
And boom! You’re now a woman of this nation
Spelled W O M A N
a real trans woman that is
As opposed to one of them uterus bearer ones

Now you don’t even need to buy a frock
You can keep your balls and keep your cock
And as for cooking or making the bed, forget all that stuff
What you do instead
Is protest about not being accepted 
As in getting summarily rejected
From a teenage women’s changing shed
Or a really pissed off lesbian’s bed
Us real transwomen just don’t have the time for housework

Now the good news is that women’s spaces 
Are watched over by those in the highest places 
The Departments of Education and Health 
By clever means of guile and stealth 
Are steadily getting rid of sex
The outdated notion from days of T Rex
The birds and the bees got it all so wrong
There were millions of genders all along 
A plethora of diversity 

But now you’ve come to the hardest time 
Since life evolved from the swampy slime
A so called woman from old UK 
Is saying that men can’t change that way
If your were born with a cute wee penis
You’ve got to be Mars, you can’t be Venus
Sure, if you like you can come out gay, 
but you can’t be a lady, no fucking way

So how do we stop this harridan
Who insists that we must always be a man
This harpy who just won’t shut her face
Or keep her proper ciswoman place?
Say that she leads a nazi ring,
She’s a violent killer, say anything
Throw enough shit and some will stick
Just hope the public won’t see the trick
And will ever believe that black is white
There, as we say in New Zealand 
She/he /him/ her/they /it ‘ll be right


  1. Well, the first place to start eradicating this problem of “transgenderism” is to no use their idealist nonsense terminology and stick to material descriptors. There is no such thing as transsexual or transgender as you cannot change your sex and it will never be possible to do so. Transgender (TM) is a marketing tool for advertising. You can propaganda blitz a lot of bourgeois consumerist nitwits into buying just about anything, including their identity off a shelf. It’s the liberal “cult of the individual”. This idiocy is the logical terminus of the last places to commodify something—a form of imperialism/colonization with the “consent” of the brainwashed BUYER.

    The state apparatus serves the interests of the ruling class CAPITALISTS and this is why all the LAW (written by and for the ruling class as the cellular matrix of the STATE) is changing to reflect THEIR INTERESTS (the minority) while oppressing the majority. All this “woke” nonsense serves to repress the vast majority of people opposed to it. What better way to imprison for simply speaking, the majority when you can call them “racist”, homophobic and/or “transphobic”? It’s homophobic and hateful to clearly state the vile economic coercion of surrogacy (use of egg donor and surrogacy for dangerous pregnancies) as a bad thing when it’s so “be kind to gay males” for them to use women to gestate children bought as commodities for males and the human infant has no mother—no breastfeeding for better health or care mothers give their young—even dogs and cats stay with their mothers until weaning—but no so for human babies? How FUCKED UP IS THAT?

    Woke serves the interests of the fascist capitalist imperialists for repression of the majority—so don’t concede ANY language at all. These so-called “trans” people do not exist—they are the male/female sex they are born and they simply call themselves a made-up word while MATERIALLY they have not changed ANYTHING. Full stop.

  2. 💛🤍💜! Greetings from the left coast of the US!
    Do you have music for this? I love it! Thank you! I hope someone is collecting the poetry and songs from the new women’s movement, compiling them, because that’s our culture and soul. Thank you for adding to it❤️ I’m trying to keep track of the music and stories of this time and hope you’re all right with this poem ending up on my list.

    Watching with horror what’s going on in AU and NZ with KJK’s visit. Remembering being in Tacoma when she visited my coast. I can’t believe where we are. Nor the illiberalness of the so called left these days.
    Stay strong!

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