Today’s radicals are proud to make a black woman shut her trap

Brendon O’Neil on Spiked looks at the poison of cancel culture and the attack on Macy Gray

Macy Gray said men cannot become women, a vile calumny in the eyes of the high priests of the gender cult

When today’s radicals were fresh-faced youths, reading their Gramsci and putting up their Malcolm X posters, I wonder if they could ever have imagined that their proudest achievement in the year 2022 would be to make a black woman shut her trap? Supposedly leftish agitators used to dream of revolting against capitalism – now they rage against revolting women who say heretical things about sex and gender. Their latest target is the great Macy Gray. She sinned. She was seen consorting with TERFs. Men, she said, cannot become women, a vile calumny in the eyes of the high priests of the gender cult. And so she had to be taken down a peg or two, this nasty woman, this uppity broad. Read the rest here.

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  1. I would agree with the piece wholeheartedly were it not used to propagate the right wing conspiracy of “Cultural Marxism”.

    The people who have been harassing, threatening and bullying Macy Gray, JK Rowling, and many, many others may think of themselves as leftists. They are not. It is doubtful any of them has ever read Antonio Gramsci, and it is certain that the few that did do not understand him.

    Those people never wanted to fight capitalism. They don’t know what capitalism is.

    Transideology is religious fanaticism embedded in a antihumanist uber-neoliberal political agenda posing as an emancipatory movement.

    In a sense, we could say that Transideology is emancipatory: It emancipates Western societies from reason, rationality, science, solidarity, fairness and any idea of a world without exploitation, and indeed, that human beings are born equal in rights and in dignity.

    This is a radical right wing movement, reactionary, not conservative, and it only counts as a leftist movement because leftwing organisations are not rooted in any theoretical concepts about capitalism and exploitation anymore, and increasingly not even a materialist worldview.

    Sadly, Spiked negates all of this by referencing Gramsci and suggesting – without evidence – that the witchhunters wanted to revolt against capitalism at any time. Calling them “supposedly leftish agitators” is in itself of course correct, but in combination with the other claims looks a bit problematic.

    Are the only only leftwing agitators only those who have never read Gramsci and never revolted against capitalism, then?

    Yes, sadly, Spiked is using this otherwise perfect commentary to promote a conservative agenda. Pity.

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