Nina Power on men & women, art, free speech and cancel culture

In this Free Speech podcast Daphna Whitmore speaks to Nina Power – an English social critic, philosopher, and author of the new book “What Do Men Want”. 

Nina was previously a senior lecturer in Philosophy at Roehampton University in Britain. She writes for Telegraph, Art Review, and The Spectator and is now editing a new publication Compact Magazine.

Nina talks about her new book, the importance of solidarity between the sexes, and why it is sparking controversy even in New Zealand (a recent review of it in The Listener led to a woke Twitter meltdown).  She also recounts her experience of being canceled in New Zealand in 2020, after writing an essay to accompany a completely benign art exhibition of flags on postcards. 

Other topics covered are some of the grey areas around free speech i.e. Should flag burning/desecration be covered? Should porn be protected? A thoughtful discussion with a fantastic critical mind. Enjoy! 
Twitter @Nina_Compact
Compact Magazine

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