Special Report: “Cows and Cowards” With Rachel Stewart

Free Speech Union’s Podcast

In this ‘Special Report’ Free Speech Union member Daphna Whitmore talks to previous podcast guest Rachel Stewart about cancel culture and self-censorship following her removal from a documentary on the New Zealand dairy industry over her views on a number of completely unrelated topics. 

Rachel is a staunch defender of free speech. She was a columnist for the Herald and in 2016 won the Canon Media Awards for Opinion Writer of the Year. In 2019 Rachel walked away from the Herald after they refused to publish a column she wrote on Massey University canceling a Canadian feminist speaker.  Essentially the Herald canceled Rachel’s piece about a cancellation. Rachel has gained more experience with cancel culture since then. 

She has published on Substack a piece “Cows and Cowards” about being removed from the documentary. You can read it at the link below: 


Here’s her Substack link:

https://rachelstewart.substack.com/Support the show (https://www.freespeechcoalition.nz/donate)

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  1. She says she’s not a transphobe. Well, no one can be a transphobe because transgenderism isn’t real. It’s a liberal individualist identity sold as a commodity. Male and females are sex classifications that cannot be changed and will never be changed. It is not possible. I’ve seen plenty of so-called “Marxists” claim they support this liberal anti-science, anti-materialist nonsense. People who can’t tell the difference between ridiculous idealism and scientific fact aren’t Marxists in ANY sense of the word. Transgenderism is commodification of sex based stereotypes and superficial features for PURCHASE and nothing more. It’s nonsense. Her saying she’s not a “transphobe” indicates she thinks transgenderism is a legitimate material claim someone can make about “who they are” and doesn’t help herself in that arena at all. There is no debate about scientific fact and that’s the foundation of materialism. Facts exist whether or not any of us discuss how we feel about them.

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