Cracking the nazi code


Comrade Clintz: We must denounce this transphobic sign which someone has taken a photo of at the evil protest which none of us have gone near, of course!

Comrade Guffery: it shows the level of the protesters’ degeneration.

Comrade Clintz: Their lack of awareness of how fluid sex is shows they are, indeed, deplorables. It’s convinced me for the first time that the police should go in with water cannon and batons and clean the rivers of filth.

Comrade Dios: It should be females’ and males’.

Comrade Blark: Hey, what’s that capital H doing there right after the capital S in ‘showers’? It must be code for . . . Sieg Heil! And we know what the Nazis did with showers . . .

Comrade Clintz: Jesus, you’re right! I didn’t even see that! Thanks!

Comrade Dios: these Nazis are insidious.

Comrade Clintz: Hidden in plain sight! I’m far too trusting.