Pictures from the occupation

The pajama-wearing laptop class are spinning wild conspiracy theories while they interview their typewriters about the anti-mandate protests at parliament.

In contrast, Bryce Edwards has been filming the protests from day 1 which gives a more grounded picture of what the protests are about.

As Twitter wit @CameronJBear noted:

“Whenever working-class people do something inconvenient they’re portrayed as feral ingrates or the hapless, uncritical dupes for other sinister forces. This, from middle class types who wet the bed worrying about pronouns and when the supermarket will run out of kale.”

Check out Bryce’s pictures here:

Photos of the Parliamentary Grounds occupation-protest

Photo by Bryce Edwards

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  1. There is definitely a patronising middle class liberal element who deny working people agency as soon as the latter step out of accepted channels (in more than one sense of the word). Suddenly they’ve become dupes of other forces etc.

    It is more intellectually honest to admit that working people are perfectly capable of being members of various right-wing groups, anti-science, Christian fundamentalists, conspiracy theorists etc all by themselves. This is especially true in the age of the Internet.

    It’s a reality that scares liberals. They think that the solution is to chuck plenty of (presumably liberal) education at people and that will fix things.

    To me the solution is neither to patronise the current protestors or to support their current politics, but to build a viable, alternative Left pole of attraction for those who oppose the govt. A position that is simultaneously pro-science, pro-rational epistemology but also attacks the govt for being centrist (not ‘Communist’!!) and not having solutions to our current predicament.

    Working people are capable of thinking for themselves but the Left is letting them down by not offering viable alternatives to liberal patronising or right-wing ideology.

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