The great populist revival

James Heartfield on Spiked Online takes a look at how restrictive Covid measures have stirred another wave of anti-establishment revolt.

When Joe Biden was elected US president, it was supposed to mark the end of the great populist revolt of MAGA-hats and Brexiteers. Normal service, if a little battered, was to be resumed.

Yet a year later, normal service has not resumed. Major world cities are now wracked by protest movements outside the mainstream. And they are often met by repressive police violence.

The focal point of many of these protests are the policies that governments around the world adopted to meet the challenge of the pandemic. Over the past couple of weeks, there have been large protests in Helsinki, Brussels, Verona, Rome and Paris. Many of these European cities have faced sporadic protests against vaccine mandates and other measures since last summer. But over the past fortnight, those protests have been galvanised by the example of the Canadian truckers’ ‘freedom convoy’, which drove from one end of Canada to the other, arriving in Ottawa last weekend, in protest against vaccine mandates.

Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau, like most world leaders, embraced the strategy of locking down his country in the face of Covid with gusto. Canadian legislatures declared states of emergency, mask mandates, bans on public gatherings, restrictions on travel and business closures. The particular trigger for the truckers’ protest was the end of an exemption for truck drivers from the need to be vaccinated. The convoy’s journey excited large solidarity rallies in Winnipeg, British Columbia and Ottawa. Perhaps foolishly, Trudeau fled the capital, Ottawa, to avoid meeting the truckers.

It is important to note that none of the protests, either in Canada or in the rest of Europe, could claim to be so popular as to be representative of majority opinion. On the contrary, polling shows that across the world, most people remain supportive of measures to prevent the spread of Covid.

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  1. Can’t stand Spiked. It is a libertarian outlet, which would explain why I can’t stand them.

    Polling? Is this a reliable source of information now?

    I don’t think SARS-cov-2 is a fake virus and neither do most others, including the protesters. It was completely LIED about with the “severity” and the “efforts” taken, which there weren’t any, other than exposing the susceptible populations to it to increase the death toll and spread which occur by being in prolonged close proximity with infected people, such as INSTITUTIONAL settings where the sick and elderly are farmed off to. Not a damnable thing changed in the US and no “nightingale” (specific for this disease) hospitals were used. ZERO. Still hasn’t changed. These patients were never removed from hospitals to insolation units in SEPARATE FACILITIES and no such infrastructure was built, either. Med/pharm is about $$$$ so satellite hospitals have all been CLOSED for being “un-profitable” even with the generous offers from vile capitalists to RENT OUT facilities for MILLIONS/week rather than the state seize those properties using eminent domain. Funny that.

    Hundreds of billions made by using tax dollars for these needless for most of the population “vaccine” programs, for vaccines, that contrary to the media lies, we can never know the efficacy rates because they weren’t actually studied beyond the falsified accounts of the sped up “trials” conducted by the manufacturers themselves. No testing of those who already had immunity, cross-reactive (from other corona viruses) immunity, etc.. are possible and were not tracked/recorded with control groups. No blinding either. No useful data can EVER be aggregated.

    Masks do not work and this fact has been well established for over 40 years. If they DID work, why not just wear a surgical mask in a Level IV biological research facility? And you get respiratory infections through the eyes as well, so there was always that. Stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. Crime against humanity and the environment—never mind the $$$$ made by lying about this product for the mask cartels.

    Even our own CDC states 95% of people who died WITH covid had an avg. of 4.6 other comorbidities AND advanced age–the same cohort of people every other vaccine doesn’t work well in, but should be tried because you immune system declines with AGE.

    Spiked is still trying to “dumb down” the people in these protests as typical “right-wingers” and plenty are, but plenty ARE NOT. It’s a backhanded dismissal of class even though that outlet manipulatively throws around “class analysis”.

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