Freedom Convoy 2022: Canada’s truckers counter the lies

Ottawa’s mayor has declared a state of emergency and police are seizing petrol and other supplies donated to the truckers’ convoy and arresting people who give material aid to protesters.

The truckers held a press conference today and outlined the situation and called for talks with the state officials.

The truckers’ convoy in Canada has mass support. After GoFundMe (now known as GoFraudMe) seized $9m in donations, millions more dollars have been given in solidarity to the truckers on another platform. The truckers are standing firm while the state is trying to intimidate them and their supporters.

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  1. A correction: no, the “protest” does not have mass support from Canadians. There hasn’t been one poll taken that shows support for the people who are occupying Ottawa.

    The organizers of this “protest” came to Ottawa to overthrow the government. They put it in writing so you don’t have to take my word for it. They want to form a coalition with the Governor-General and the Senate – both unelected and appointed by the Prime Minister – and get rid of the duly elected government of Canada.

    They believe that their coalition – without interference from Prime Minister Trudeau – will end the Covid restrictions and let everyone be free to do as they please.

    Of course, they don’t believe the pandemic actually existed. They believe it was a plot to gain control over people’s lives and turn Canada into China. Or something.

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