The truckers’ convoy in Canada has been quite a journey

Thousands of truckers in Canada took to the highways to protest vaccine mandates and other restrictions. They converged in Ottowa on January 29th. First they were ignored and then came the stories of them being white supremacists and racists. They were accused of desecrating a war memorial and waving flags with swastikas.

Meghan Murphy spoke with BJ Dichter one of the truckers’ spokesmen about this grassroots protest and the accusations against it. Dichter is Jewish and the other spokesperson is an indigenous woman, which he points out is hardly consistent with the claims that this is a white supremacist movement.

The convoy has mass support – thousands of people turned out to support the truck drivers in minus 30 degree temperatures, and $US9 million was raised in solidarity on Go Fund Me. Since this interview was recorded Go Fund Me under police instructions has said it will not pass the money on to the truckers and will distribute it to charities. Donors can apply to have their money returned.


  1. So they don’t even have to pretend there’s a law supporting “forcing” a corporation to not allocate the money to where they advertised it would go? Who’s surprised?

  2. No one should use Go Fraud Me after their disgraceful actions.

    It backfired as after 2 days $4m has been donated to GiveSendGo for the truckers.

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