Free Speech Union interview with Canadian Feminist Meghan Murphy

Free Speech Union member Daphna Whitmore spoke to Canadian freelance journalist Meghan Murphy. Meghan is the founder and editor of Feminist Current, and hosts a heterodox podcast The Same Drugs  She toured NZ in 2019 speaking about the impact on women’s rights of a law change that would allow ‘sex’ to be changed on birth certificates. Her speaking venue at Massey University was canceled after the management became spooked by the threat of protests by activists.  

Meghan talks about the new online hate speech law Bill C-36 and the growth of speech restrictions in Canada. She explains why Canadians have gone along with attacks on their constitutional rights and how the middle-class urban elites are driving safetyism culture and are focused on emotional threat. She also discusses the social divisions expanding under covid restrictions and she contrasts Canada with Mexico where she now lives.
Listen to the interview here

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