Like all Great Advertising, “Transgenderism” Is A Very Powerful Illusion

Jennifer Bilek on the 11th Hour Blog looks at the logos of gender identity ideology. She is an artist and journalist who writes about the intersection of humanity, technology and runaway capitalism. Find her other writing at

“Transgenderism” is an ad campaign selling body dissociation for profit with the fervor of a technological, religious cult. It is not a sub-category of humanity. Some people have surgeries & take drugs to perform the opposite sex, or more recently, sexlessness. They’re just men and women. We solidify a corporate illusion by referring to them as a special category of human beings, a reverence we do not bestow on people who’ve had other types of body modification surgeries. There are no category titles or reverence for people who’ve had surgeries on their noses, or liposuction, for instance.

“Transgender” does not work to effectively define individuals or a group of people for communication purposes, let alone legally. It is vague and in constant flux. Linguistically, definitions seek to clarify for communication. The word “transgender” does exactly the opposite. It sells through obfuscation. It works well as an ad campaign because it draws on people’s very personal experiences and feelings regarding their sex and sexual expressions. People are mistaking the ad for the thing itself. The reverence is for the illusion created by the ad.

The ad campaign of “transgenderism” is selling us the desexing of humanity, as real, edgy, cool and progressive. It dons a dress of human rights, like the whoosh of the Nike corporate logo. It conflates sexual dimorphism with feelings about being sexually dimorphic, sexual expression and sex-specific social roles. It is paid advertising by the techno-medical complex. All the men driving it and capitalizing on it, are deeply invested in the techno-medical complex.

Feelings can be experienced as very real, but they are not materially real in the same way that sex is materially real, or the way gravity is materially real. You may profess undying love for another person based on how you feel and hate them so much several years later that you will do anything to ruin them, but what goes up must come down, whatever your feelings are about this fact. Ditto for the way male and female gametes reproduce the species. Feelings shift and change, sometimes very quickly, even feelings about our sexed bodies. Pippa Bunce, Director of Global Markets Technology Programs at Credit Suisse, changes his feelings about his sexed body every few days. The illusion being paraded that sexual dimorphism is the feeling, not the fact, is corporate propaganda which cultivates disassociation from reality for the profiteering of the techno-medical complex. I’ve written reams of material about why this is happening. In this piece I am more concerned with the illusion itself, how captivating it is and how it works to illude our rational minds, just like other advertisements.

A recent Daily Mail piece shows us how gender identity ideology, sex-self-ID and the conflation of feelings about being sexed with the material fact of being part of a sexually dimorphic species becomes a soup of incoherence. This incoherence supports the ad campaign of “transgenderism,” precisely because it obscures the advertising that is marketing an ideology of disembodiment, with a branding of human rights. The Mercedes Benz corporation uses sexually objectified females & the promise of great sexual encounters to coax men to buy their expensive cars the way those selling body dissociation for profit use an illusion of changing sex to sell hormones, surgeries and future fertility treatments to those whom they have sterilized. Beyond this, it is selling a promise of humanity that goes beyond our bodies, into a future melded to a web of technology, where we can be anything we wish to identify as. Read the rest of the article here.



  1. A very good analysis, albeit a bit narrow. The techno-medical complex is one very powerful source driving this development, but we have to look at this as a phenomenon of an uber-capitalist society that has started to peddle freedom and progress as mere commodities, with all the fetishisation that comes with it. In such an environment, illusion is by default and necessity declared reality. Trans ideology is, of course, the most radical expression of this ideology.

    • Good to see you here, Chris. Freedom and progress — what a couple of bullshit words — have been peddled by capitalism my entire lifetime so that now you have all the right-wingers pounding their chests about their freedoms. And progress! How does one get people to stop believing in progress? Stephen Jay Gould tried to get his students to get beyond such a nonsense concept in his classes at Harvard, and I’m betting he had a very low success rate. Enter Rev Michael Dowd, he blows the concept of progress right out of the water!

  2. A thought provoking article. But transgender ideology and extreme body modification could never be “sold” by capitalism if it were not for rigid sex roles superimposed by society on biology – sexism and homophobia – that create deep unhappiness and body hatred. That’s why teenage girls especially young lesbians have become the most vulnerable demographic to this cult.

    Transgenderism is the high tech “individual solution” to these real forms of oppression, a profit making alternative to real liberation struggles. Miranda Yardley is a gay man who has deep contradictions – he still believes in the this solution to a degree, yet has acted as an ally of women at great risk to himself, recognizes he is male and as I understand it, does not use women only spaces at this time.

    Women who have entered the cult are more likely to subsequently reject it completely – thus more female detransitioners than male.

    Though women who have gone as far as “bottom surgery” and come to regret their decision, struggle with this contradiction as well. They continue with this charade because they are not sure what else to do.

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