Gender identity is not Maori culture

Why are some Māori claiming that our culture is the same as, or similar to gender identity ideology when there is no evidence to support such claims? Why are iwi seemingly going along with proposed legislation that will force children who claim to be transgender to undergo experimental medication and surgery, while adults who claim to be transgender will not be required to?


    Good article in The Times (UK) 31July21, commenting on the existence of fa’fahine as part of Samoan culture = males performing traditional female roles & activities … and how no one in Samoa thinks this turns them into women or makes them eligible to play in women’s sport!

    • That’s exactly right. Also, it’s not a cut and dry set of circumstances being fa’afafine which the cult of gender identity conveniently ignores. A few young boys have been forced against their will into being fa’afafine and the associated trauma has been very damaging. Also, Samoa (I am part Pasifika) is incredibly religious so it does not surprise me that Samoa has this fa’afafine and Māori do not (not as religious). That is my experience at least. Thank you for your comment.

  2. My biggest concern with this — and I’m thinking as well of the indigenous youngsters in the Pacific Northwest who are showing up at “gender clinics” — is this being a new way to reduce if not erase indigenous populations. It has been repeatedly shown that traumatized children are far more likely to buy into gender ideology and it is not news to realize that indigenous people in general are highly traumatized by their history of genocide and the current conditions in which they live.

  3. to add this on the gender identity industry: how it’s aim is to remove parental consent completely (11.03 min).

    How much is that Kurī in the Window?

    ManaWāhineKōrero say #NoThankYou

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