The War over Sex and Gender: Kathleen Stock talks to the Free Speech Union

Speakeasy #1: Free Speech and the War over Sex and Gender from Free Speech Union on Vimeo.

Dr Kathleen Stock


  1. A must watch for everyone interested in the topic. It brings to the surface a lot of issues that are buried in this mess of a discourse and makes quite a few things clearer even for people who have spent a lot of time reading up on transactivism. Three cheers to Kathleen and Daphna.

  2. Great interview, Daphna. Kathleen Stock was very personable and, given what she has been subjected to re harassment from trans activists, very pleasant and sane.

  3. the issue which Stock talks about is in essence what happened with feminist philosophy, ie.firstly, the rise of postmodern philosophy, which can be defined as the craddle for the ‘gender’ notion as taking the place of ‘sex'(ie. biolology) since the anatomy of the sexed body is always already linguistically defined ie. there is no reality outside its representation (hence Gender Trouble of Butler ends with declaring ‘sex’ as just ‘gender’, ie. fluid), and secondly the rise of Gay Liberation and its theoretical basis on ‘sexual orientation'(‘gender identity’) of the male sex, but leaving out this basis on the male sexed body, since Man is already always the norm of human existence…….the result is/was the erasure of feminist thought and in its place came Gender Studies in the 1980s, the rest is history…..

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