Can we be born into the wrong body?

by Don Franks

Are some of us born into the wrong body? The possibility is sometimes offered as a clinching argument that some people need to, and are able to, change their sex. 

With one proviso, the answer has to be, yes, such a thing is possible. The only requirement for accepting the proposition is a belief that we have a pre existing essence prior to our birth. The belief that our true essence, fully formed, enters our material body at some stage of its development in our mother’s womb. To be later ‘assigned’, on the basis  of its outward appearance as female or male by the medical workers attending our birth. This true essence of ourselves, which some call our soul, apparently contains gender inclinations quite independent of our physical make up.

Because we’re unable to see, weigh or measure someone’s  true essence or soul, it’s not possible for an outside person to question any aspect of it. We can only take a person’s word that ‘they’ have been erroneously been born into the wrong body.

In point of fact, none of us are really ‘born into a body’ at all. Our birth is one link of many in the process of our journey from conception to death. We become the beginning of a human body after our father’s sperm has joined our mother’s ovum. At what stage we actually become a person in our own right is somewhat arbitrary, as debates over women’s right to abortion have shown. It’s known that human development to full potential takes several years, that’s why young people shouldn’t use alcohol because it can damage the proper completion of their brain formation. 

Our whole lives are a process of change; our appearance, characteristics, views and preferences alter continuously through our teens adulthood and our old age. The idea that the true ‘we’ can appear fully formed out of nowhere and be misplaced in the ‘wrong body’ is a purely religious belief, totally at odds with a materialist world view. It is a mystery why some self described Marxists uncritically support the idea of people being born into the wrong body. Nothing in Marxism – or in biological science – in any way supports such a belief.

In a civilised society, we should respect people’s religious beliefs. We’re all just trying to get along and make our way through the world as best we can. We all have our idiosyncrasies and should treat each other with tolerance and consideration. No religious belief should be constrained, unless it negatively impacts on the lives of other people. 

It goes without saying that noone should be punished or disadvantaged for refusing to uphold a religious belief that they find untenable.


  1. Many people claim they are Marxists when they are not. They believe it is an identity they can put on, similar to painting on make-up and wearing a dress makes a man magically a woman. They don’t understand the basic tenet of Marxism is materialism. Many people who are LIBERALS call themselves socialists/communists/Marxists, etc. and they are simply poseurs looking to be edgy without the first clue about socialism, let alone scientific socialism. We have the CPUSA that was destroyed in the 1940-50’s in the US now filled with disgusting IDPOL liberal morons who call being prostituted “sex work” and say nothing of surrogacy, and claim transgenderist consumerism (buying your identity as a commodity) is a legitimate, factual state of being in spite of being made-up idiocy. Not possible to change sex and most of the people making this claim are fetishists. Matter of fact all the TIM’s are fetishists and some of the TIF’s are. No mention of class and none of them have so-much as heard of the Communist Manifesto let alone ever read or understood it. Anyone who promotes economic coercion of women (often violent as well) into prostitution as a JOB should be ridiculed harshly.

    I also do not think anyone owes any religious person respect or courtesy about their religious nonsense, including transgender idealist nonsense. As a person, I will be courteous to them as long as they keep their religion to themselves, but I will not respect their beliefs. Religion is one of the first “identity politics” issues pitting worker against worker. It invariably ends just by their initial choice to adopt a particular one, that someone thinks “their religion” is superior and right compared to another’s. Transgender religious claptrap is by its very nature disrespectful to others by seeking to invade their privacy and colonizing others material realities as their own. I will NEVER be respectful to a male in woman face or a female pretending she can be a man. I will harshly ridicule them for their disrespect toward the actual members of the sex class they parody. Individual and mass delusions only differ by orders of magnitude.

    • I love your passion and your INSISTENCE on material reality. If one wants to sum up one thing that is grossly wrong with the human species, it could be the mass refusal to grapple with material reality. In my experience people truly think the junk in their heads is more real than what they can touch, see, hear, taste, and smell. What could be better for late-stage consumer capitalism than a population who believes in the rapture, who think they can remake themselves with drugs and surgery, a population who has no idea of what is happening in the actual material world? “I’ll solve climate change by buying a Prius!” “Don’t be critical, be open-minded!” (So open-minded their brains fell out, to quote the incomparable Magdalen Berns.) “My made-up religion is better than your made-up religion!”

  2. Transgender behaviour can sometimes take on a colonizing aspect, as, for example weightlifter Laurel Hubbard stealing Olympic opportunity from actual female athletes. Where people with gender disphoria disadvantage others by their behaviour they should be taken to task. I think though that no less than the rest of us, people with gender disphoria are deserving of consideration and tolerance. I’ve known several decent working class people choosing to live as a member of the opposite sex who have, as far as I can tell, not harmed anyone else by their mode of living.

    • What does “choosing to live as a member of the opposite sex” mean? This is anti-materialist as well as reinforcement of sex based expectations of gender role stereotypes. Men can engage in stereotypical sex based “work” expected of women as MEN. Is is NOT nor will it ever BE possible to change one’s sex. Therefore one cannot “choose” to live as a member of the opposite sex, they choose to engage in stereotypes or to a lesser degree actual gender stereotypical work. Working class people purchasing their “identity” are not Marxists. Many working class people in fact, are not Marxists. Pretending you can be the opposite sex already demonstrates the lack of materialist understanding and is profoundly anti-science regardless of Marxism. One does not have to be a Marxist to understand this. Identity is a commodity and consumerism. Wearing dress of the stereotypical “opposite sex” or hairstyles, etc.. does not change material make-up of the human body. In the privacy of one’s home you can engage in transvestic sexual practice. That’s where it ends. If males want to BUY women’s stereotypical products to LARP as women then they can do so and remain out of women’s public spaces that are sex (material category) segregated. If you know several people with this condition (actual delusion of being the opposite sex) it is highly mathematically IMPROBABLE. I have known one person in 55 years with a dysmorphia (anorexia) who truly believed they were fat while starving themselves to death, a delusional disorder more common than belief one’s body is the “wrong sex” rather than fetishism (far more common) most “transgenders” engage in.

      What is “gender dysphoria” and does it actually exist outside the pseudo-science of psychology? Most males who engage in this behavior are absolutely not suffering from any delusion but are fetishists who are sexually aroused by the thought of being a woman for sex use. This is seen across both gay and straight male TIMs. It is also observable that some females engage in this fetish though to a lesser degree. They might have a “dysphoria” as you call it, but pretending to change sex is not possible and therefore a delusion. I do not encourage delusion nor is it acceptable to do so for anyone else.

      Males seek to gain entry into women’s change/bathrooms and are MATERIALLY being placed into women’s prisons where they go on to rape them either with their still intact penises or using objects as the majority of TIMs in prisons are rapists/pedophiles vs. the regular prison population. I have already had males in “prostitution attire” in public restrooms belonging to WOMEN AND GIRLS. Men have zero business in women’s private spaces. The same is true for WOMEN who seek to invade the privacy of males. THAT is not anything deserving of “consideration and tolerance” as it is aggression and invasion of the boundaries of others. This is going on in school locker rooms and bathrooms as well as high school/college/OLYMPIC sports.

      If people wish to be “accepting” of predatory/invasive aggression by fetishists and to an extremely small possible degree, genuinely delusional people who believe they are the opposite sex, they can do so in their own homes and not have the rest of us deal with this predatory aggression for sexual gratification. I also do not appreciate having grown sexually deviant males in the bathroom with my daughters because you make a claim I should be “tolerant and considerate” of male transgression of my girls’ or anyone else’s or further MY OWN privacy.

      If someone genuinely believes in spite of material FACT they are the opposite sex, then they must rely on the “psychology” profession to remedy this delusion. It is not something to encourage any more than I would encourage any other delusion, including a Messiah complex where the person believes they can smite another because they are God. Some genuinely insane people commit crimes due to their delusion and I would not encourage those any more than sexual deviancy. Most of these people also wish for the rest of us to affirm their delusions by using SEX BASED descriptors such as pronouns to further gain erotic satisfaction as this form of aggression is based on humiliation and on the spectrum of BDSM. These people get off on humiliation and domination of others to participate in their deviancy.

      I have a family member who is a TIM and it is expected that the rest of us call HIM female descriptors. He takes hormones because he admits he watched anime porn of a genre that is about this fetish AND so he would not lose his hair. Capitalism legalizes this drug taking while criminalizing recreational drugs of the larger working class because hundreds of billions will be made marketing this to CONSUMERS. Plastic surgeries and wrong-sex hormones are already being paid for by the parasitization of the public treasury in several countries, including the US. Most prisoners can’t get basic medical care because it must be privately paid by the prisoner, but wrong-sex hormones for males, their purchase of women’s garments and make-up and hair styles is not only allowed while diabetics will not be properly treated, but PAID by the TAX PAYER. Foster care is another example, where these drugs/surgeries (including amputation of healthy breast tissue) will be PAID by the public treasury while the “trans” child will be thrown onto the streets with NO other medical/housing care at age 18.

      I could actually continue about all that is wrong with this lie and the expectation that the rest of us deny material reality, but this should suffice. Transgenderism is not harmless to anyone, even the useful idiots to the ruling class who engage in it. It is also quite homophobic and misogynist as I have met several “trans” in prisoners’ rights groups I used to moderate on-line. Now a gay man and his gay lover are “straight” because it’s not acceptable to be homosexual. These people claim sex is a construct which in fact then eliminates sex based oppression and orientation. Materially, these trans people ARE materially harming others along with the fascist ruling class and their respective state/law enforcing this ruling class consumer identity. Laws are being passed oppressing workers who speak out against invasion of their sex segregated privacy and compelled speech. CRIMINAL laws. Economic and violent prison backed coercion of both the businesses (employers) and the STATE compelling people (underclass) to accept this anti-materialist LYING is taking place with rapid speed. The ruling class ideology is ALWAYS the dominant ideology of an epoch. It is anti-working class ideology. In California, law was passed for a year in jail and a 1K fine is you “misgender” people in long-term care facilities. This criminalizes mostly poor, working class women, many of whom are racial minorities who call obvious MALES by MALE pronouns. This is hardly a benign ideology, especially when evidenced by the fact that collusion between corporation and state is so visible. If a person is genuinely mentally ill, as most of these people are NOT, they would be treated by me with sympathy, and likely most people would feel the same. The fact is most are NOT at all actually delusional but deviants with fetishes who are opportunistic parasites that use the pain of the very few to further ruling class ideology. A tactic that is hardly new and used by LIBERALS for IDPOL.

    • The very fact that the claim can be made one is born in the wrong body and this can make a man a woman is what has brought us here. The moment you tell a man that his fetish is real and he is a woman in the wrong body, what has come to pass, the misogyny in the transgender movement has reached it’s inevitable conclusion.

      The problem for women resides with men, the men’s rights movement and men’s pseudo junk franken-science of transgenderism. If you are male stay the fuck out of women’s everything; if it says WOMEN it doesn’t mean a Trans identified Male.

      Trans what. ever. the. fuck. (sexual, vestite, gender) is not a mishap in human development they are paraphilia that only develop in men. It took decades of the idea of being able to change your sex and being born in the wrong body caught on before any female decided she was trans too. All of the sex transitioning came from men.

  3. Thanks thewickedwitchofse, I get the concerns you raise, especially relating to homophobia and misogyny.

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