Redline passes one million views

Redline has just passed one million views – as I start writing this we have reached 1,000,015 views.

It took us nearly seven years to reach our first 500,000 and just three months short of three years to reach our second 500,000, with 2019 being our best year, with over 232,000 views that year. Last year was our next best year with over 196,436.

The first pieces on the blog went up in June 2011, so it’s been going just over 9.5 years. We had no idea when the blog started how it would go. We knew it wasn’t a propitious time as the class struggle, in the widest sense of the term, was in a very low period and the left in NZ small and weak. However, the blog has consistently grown and had a global impact.

While the largest number of views have come from people in this country (359,037 at this second), we have had significant numbers of views from all over the world. Overall, total views come from 1. NZ 2. USA (213,893) 3. Britain (and north east of Ireland) (112,907) 4. Australia (51,995) 5. Canada (44,311) 6. India (26.002) 7. Germany (12,259) 8. Ireland (the other 26 counties) (11,879) 9. South Africa (8,386) 10. France (8.025) 11. Spain 12. Sweden 13. Netherlands 14. Philippines 15. Nigeria 16. Finland 17. Italy 18. Brazil 19. Turkey 20. Belgium 21. Russia 22. Colombia 23. Tanzania 24. Pakistan 25. Greece

It’s gratifying to have had 3,270 views from Tanzania or 4,511 from Nigeria. We’ve had views from Mauritania, from Chad, from the Falklands, Eritrea, Tajikistan, Burundi, Mali, Madagascar, St Kitts & Nevis, both Congos, Grenada, New Caledonia, Greenland, the Cooks, Vanuatu, Rwanda, Mongolia, Cuba, Tonga, Myanmar, Algeria and scores of other countries.

Over a million views is, of course, still small in the world of the internet blogs. But not bad for a wee Marxist blog at the arse-end of the world in a country utterly dominated by middle-class liberalism.

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