Irish Marxist looks critically at postmodern transgender identity politics and ideology

Orla is a gender critical Marxist in Ireland. She gave a presentation on 15 January 2021 on the connection between postmodern/transgender identity politics and the current attacks on democratic and free speech rights.

Orla has been active previously in the Irish Socialist Workers Party and the People Before Profit electoral formation.  She has been involved in campaigns against privatisation, deregulation, attacks on public services, and on the working class in general, and in opposition to western intervention in Afghanistan and Iraq and other parts of the Third World. She was also involved in a local campaign defending free speech and civil liberties. You can view her talk below:

 Irish Gender Critical Groups

Women’s Space Ireland     Twitter handle:  @WomensSpaceIre

 The Countess Didn’t Fight For This  
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Radicailin      Twitter handle : @radicailin

 LGB Alliance Twitter handle: @Ire_LGBAlliance

 Socialist Democracy Ireland


  1. Isn’t this simply more of the same old? All of this happens because we have a capitalist system and our “politics” amounts to political parties in the classical liberal political economies rather than in a socialist order? Nothing will ever change because we have political parties that work in the framework of “representative democracies”. NGO’s and charities are still the same fig-leaves for pretending our oppressors are saints because they give crumbs back in what is now largely corporatized as well (charities are run as businesses) and leave all the oppressive structure of the capitalist system intact. All these twans ideology crap is more of the same. If we had rights (which is impossible under capitalism) then no one could take them away. “Rights” are idealism without complete economic equality for all. Scholarships for girls who can compete in sports are a capitalist product—when everyone should be able to afford an education. Sports is more capitalist BS and well funded with the theft of our tax dollars in all sorts of subsidies to boot. Even in colleges sports BS is highly funded where science departments are spare. So the trans agenda is the same old shit in a dress and should simply serve as more supporting evidence that capitalism will NEVER be equal for all, and especially women/children and must therefore be destroyed and replaced. Most of the things argued she is mentioning are part of bourgeois society and simply demonstrate any gains UNDER that are illusory.

    • You are dead on in your analysis of capitalism. As far as the trans issue – as well as queer ideology – is concerned, I would even see it as a symptom of the slow demise of liberalism as a social ideology. Liberals are desperately trying to find issues they can sell as emancipatory within a capitalist society. What they are left with are issues whose very nature is in stark contradiction to liberalism’s own foundations, btw. That’s not to defend liberalism, just to show how absurd the situation has become.

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