Is the Gender Identity Movement a movement for human liberation, or a regressive movement undermining women’s liberation and promoting sexist stereotypes?

Is the Gender Identity Movement a movement for human liberation, or is it a regressive movement which undermines women’s liberation and promotes sexist stereotypes?

Should biological males be allowed to play in women’s sport, use women-only spaces (public toilets, changing rooms, other facilities), be able to have access to everything that is currently for women? 

How do Marxists and materialists see postmodern transgender identity politics and ideology?  Why are we critics?

What connection is there between postmodern/transgender identity politics and current attacks on democratic/free speech rights?

These are among the questions that will be addressed in the next educational talk and discussion sponsored by Redline.The speaker is a long-time Irish Marxist.  Orla has been active previously in the Irish Socialist Workers Party and the People Before Profit electoral formation.  She has been involved in campaigns against privatisation, deregulation, attacks on public services, and on the working class in general, and in opposition to western intervention in Afghanistan and Iraq and other parts of the Third World. She was also involved in a local campaign defending free speech and civil liberties.

The online talk and discussion takes place Saturday, January 16, 1pm (NZ time); this is Friday January 15th at midnight in Ireland and Britain (which is the time that suits Orla best).

If you would like to attend the talk, email
NB: This talk and discussion is not an open public event, but is for gender-critical folk or people just coming up to speed with what is going on.