When the election is over and the magic evaporates you can make music

by Don Franks

Amidst all the crazy election hype is one absolute certainty. Pre election, any politician, from any party you might encounter, is an infallible job creation expert. Each and every one of them with a magic job creation formulae to enact if only they are elected to office. Post election, somehow, the magic evaporates. The social combination of unemployment and and overwork stumbles on more or less as before.

Essential tasks get done, through thousands of uncelebrated people steadily cooperating in production and distribution. In the present shadow of Covid-19, goods and services production has unavoidably taken a bit of a knock, leading to higher than usual job losses. Political promises won’t fix this situation, but the unsung action of ordinary people can make a material difference. As Adam Smith noted, “Every man lives by exchanging”.

The creation and distribution of just one item can have beneficial social consequences. For example, it takes the combined international efforts of timber workers, drivers, warehouse staff, caterers, factory hands, metal workers, office staff, pilots, customs officials, plastic processors, paint and varnish workers and retail staff to produce one little ukulele. The more demand there is for ukulele’s, the better the job security of these people and their families. More security for those already employed and more prospect of employment for those currently out of work. In a word, a better world.

It is in your power to achieve significant social good, right now, by purchasing a ukulele. Heed your conscience and do it today. If you don’t know what to do with the thing, just enroll at Tawa Community education ukulele class, beginning next Tuesday evening. https://tawacomed.co.nz

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