Gender-critical material on Redline (Vol 1)

Transgender ‘woman’ rapist ‘Karen’

Redline has published such a large amount of gender-critical material, we’ve catalogued it in four volumes. This is the first. The other three will follow shortly.

Another ‘unfortunate experiment’?: NZ’s transgender health policy and its impact on children:

Queer theory glossary:

Tiny Samoa starts a big ripple for women in sports:

In defence of women’s sports:

Mass meeting for women’s rights in sports shows this is a hot issue:

Woke misogyny and homophobia: a gay critique of trans ideology:

Law change for sex self-identification needs discussion not silencing:

Speak Up for Women win round one:

What’s wrong with gender ideology:’s-wrong-with-gender-ideology/

More Marxist critiques of trans ideology:

The intolerance of trans activists:

On a sub-theme to the above article, we reblogged a piece from Feminist Current on some attempts to personally and professionally destroy gender-critical academics:

‘Terf’: the new bogey word:

The woman who lost her job for saying trans women are not women:

Women’s group warns sacking of gender-critical tax expert is a sign of things to come:

ISO transitions to fully unhinged:

Recovering Stonewall – gay liberation, transactivism and historical truth:

Remembering lesbians in lesbian and gay liberation:

Death by puberty:

Germaine Greer and the new left authoritarianism:

There are a heap of excellent articles by defenders of women’s rights all around the world.  In New Zealand, a particularly important contribution to Marxist analysis in relation to women’s rights and the attack on them by transactivists is James Robb’s “Do Women Exist? – the science of sex, the politics of gender, and the materialist and dialectical thinking needed to distinguish the two”. 

A fascinating transexual perspective is provided by Miranda Yardley.  See, for instance, “Girl dick,  the cotton ceiling and the cultural war on women and lesbians”.  You can read an excellent bunch of articles by Miranda on that site.

For websites:

In New Zealand, check: Speak Up for Women

The key person in New Zealand in terms of drawing attention to the negative implications gender self-ID has for girls and women and taking up the cudgels in defence of the rights of women and girls is Renée Gerlich; her blog is Writing by Renee.

Some great international sites are Peak Trans (with hundreds of links to gender-critical articles) and Feminist Current (a Canadian site that includes a lot of gender-critical articles).

On women’s sports and the attempts by biological males to force their way in, check Save Women’s Sports.

There are a bunch of incisive and often very witty videos by Magdalen Burns.  You could start off here.


  1. Renée Gerlich’s website has probably been a vital resource in writing many of the above pieces. Leaving out her website is a pretty glaring omission seeing as she’s the kiwi who said most of this stuff first. It’s

  2. My fault, and remedied now! Thanks for pointing this out. We have actually run some material by Renée. I don’t think we have used her site as a resource for the gender-critical articles on Redline but you are absolutely right that she is the person here who was crucial in drawing attention to the insanity of gender self-ID and its serious negative implications for women and girls and in initiating the battle. She deserves respect and thanks, especially given the appalling abuse she has had hurled at her by the misogynist irrationalist section of the left.

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