The overall structure and logic of Capital’s three volumes

This is the first lecture in a series led by Dr Andy Higginbottom on Capital Volume 3. Here he looks at the structure of Marx’s Capital as informed by Hegel’s science of logic. In future lectures Andy will argue that more attention needs to be given to the super-exploitation of labour and how it manifests itself in capitalism.


  1. When the Canterbury Water Management Strategy was being formulated this broad view was stated: “To enable present and future generations to gain the greatest social,
    economic, recreational and cultural benefits from our water resources
    within an environmentally sustainable framework.” However “economic benefits” was broadened in meaning, I suggest, to try to include a system for generating profit for its own sake from water rights traders rather than just from the uses of water. And that would be working against factors like biodiversity which can be difficult to put a dollar figure on. The same thing seems to be being put on the health system with negative effects.

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