Olympian Lorraine Moller speaks up for women’s sports

Lorraine Moller is one of New Zealand’s most outstanding athletes. She has joined the many high profile sportspeople speaking up to protect women’s sports against males competing in women’s divisions. Lorraine won bronze medals over 1500m and 3000m at the 1982 Brisbane Commonwealth Games and went on to secure numerous marathon victories.

The statement by this great Olympian has just been published by Speak Up For Women

Lorraine Moller

Lorraine Moller MBE, four-time Olympian, Boston & Osaka Marathon Winner & Forerunner for Equality in Women’s Athletics is speaking out in support of our mission to preserve biology-based eligibility standards for participation in female sports.

Lorraine says, “I was privileged to have an athletic career at a time of emergence of equity in middle-distance and distance events for women.

The inclusion of the marathon in the 1984 Olympics was a huge milestone achieved by the efforts of women runners around the world lobbying to have their own category as female competitors. Without this biological distinction I, and my fellow women competitors, would never have been selected to run in the Olympics, and I certainly would have had zero opportunity of realising my lifelong dream of standing on the Olympic podium.

While I appreciate that transgender people wish to compete in the category of their choosing, putting biological males and females in the same competitive categories once again, simply undoes the female sporting autonomy that we worked so hard for. I would fully support transgender women lobbying for their own category, as pioneering sportswomen successfully did in the late 20th century.”

Lorraine, and many other female athletes of her generation, had to fight hard for equity for female athletes. We’re hoping more athletes will find the strength of voice to help us ensure sex segregation in sport remains in place to ensure we retain the pathways, representative and podium positions for female athletes. Read more about the campaign to Save Women’s Sports


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