What planet is the WHO on?

by Daphna Whitmore

So far this year over 7.4 million people have died from preventable communicable diseases. There were 4.3 million children who died under the age of five. Nearly one million people have died of HIV/AIDS in the past six months. A similar number of people have died from malaria as Covid, and road traffic fatalities outnumber Covid by 100,000. (worldometer.info)

Meanwhile the World Health Organisation declares Covid with 640,000 deaths the most severe global health emergency. 

In the developing world Covid deaths are absolutely dwarfed by communicable diseases and poverty-related illnesses. Yet the WHO thinks that the best approach is to demand those countries lockdown their citizens. The WHO shows no regard for the millions who barely eke out an existence. They have no regard for the millions in South Africa who are obstructed from getting their anti-retroviral medications to prevent AIDs. The WHO makes no acknowledgment that these countries with younger populations than the West are not burdened to the same degree by Covid. In the West the virus has swept through aged care facilities and that accounts for 75 percent of all Covid deaths.

For despotic governments in developing countries the lockdowns have been used to widen state power and unleash police brutality. This has been on open display in South Africa, India and the Philippines to name a few examples. Even in the West lockdowns have often been imposed unlawfully, and by and large the expanse of state power has been blindly accepted. 

In New Zealand many people are happy to repeat slogans about lockdown success without giving a moment’s thought to the very mixed picture world wide. The uncurious will not ask why Taiwan with no lockdown has fewer deaths than New Zealand? Or why Vietnam has fewer deaths despite being poorer and not surrounded by a vast ocean? Why are deaths greatest in densely populated cities like London and New York, but not Tokyo, Singapore, or Hong Kong? Why does a scatter plot of lockdown effectiveness across the countries that imposed them resemble a Jackson Pollock painting with no visible trend line?

Lockdown stringency had little impact on death from Covid-19

We are not likely to have those questions asked or answered by the WHO. 



  1. It is the long term complications of Covid that may be more perilous than other diseases. 5 months ago nobody knew exactly how bad it could get, we still don’t. Caution makes the most sense in the long run.

    • Which complications and more importantly WHO GETS THEM? No different than the sequalae of many other respiratory illnesses. Many infections lead to other disease states. Most people don’t even get ill with this disease, let alone develop severe complications. 650k is the number of flu deaths world-wide annually and it has a vaccine and is considered by many experts to be grossly under reported.

      Caution? Millions out of work and not able to eat is CAUTION? The kids on free breakfast/lunch in the US haven’t been fed for MONTHS. Caution? People are losing their homes and livelihoods and taking out loan-shark type loans from the banking industry is the solution in the US. Caution? Spoken like a true privileged bourgeois middle class 1st worlder. Really.

  2. Disease is not a competition but it’s hard to think of a more perilous disease than cancer. The combined carcinogenic effects of capitalism’s industrial chemicals, environmental pollution, alcohol and tobacco products kill and maim many millions each year. Official reaction to disease is class based.

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