Free speech in pandemic and postmodern times

Dane Giraud from The Free Speech Coalition talks with Redline writer and editor Daphna Whitmore on cancel culture, gender ideology, postmodernism and irrationalism. They look at the free speech implications of issues like the Twitter mob, the Government’s proposed emergency police powers, and the Israel-Palestine conflict.

The Free Speech interview Dane Giraud and Daphna Whitmore




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  1. I wonder who is funding online censorship and speech controls in NZ? What if it was someone who stands to benefit financially from those controls because they patented the algorithms, seeks the implementation of Digital ID and tracing, and who partners with the US government and military industrial complex who also want to control speech online for strategic purposes?

    Great work Daphna! Sometimes it seems the authoritarian left are all that’s left of the left in this country, and that almost makes one want to give up on one’s principles.

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