Redline reaching out to more writers & readers

Some time during the night we went over the 850,000 views mark. We might have had our millionth view by the end of this year – certainly by early next year.

Most of the people involved in Redline spent years and years producing various small left-wing papers and selling them on the streets, at political protests, outside (and inside) factories and other workplaces. Some of us were also involved in the laborious production of such papers, including back in the days before computers, the ‘old days’ when copy was actually typed up on typewriters, cut into strips and pasted up by hand onto sheets of A3 sitting on top of lightboxes.

Today we can reach much larger audiences with much less work. And instead of producing a modest newspaper over a period of a fortnight, three weeks, or even a month, with a paid circulation of a couple of thousand per fortnight or month, Redline can reach ten and more times as many people over that period with a lot less effort. In addition, we can respond to events as they happen rather than have to wait until the next issue of our 8- or 12-page newspaper.

Recently our pool of writers has expanded considerably, along with our readership, both here in NZ and globally. Our contacts on the left internationally have continued to expand too.

We encourage regular readers of this blog to think about writing for it. Book, film and music reviews are always sought. Articles on aspects of Marxist theory are much appreciated. And articles on big topics of contention in the world today. We stand, above all, for human liberation: for science and rationalism, for the emancipation of the working class the world over, complete equality for women, oppressed ethnic and national minorities, gays and lesbians, all the oppressed and exploited. We welcome articles by non-Marxists who are committed to furthering human progress and freedom.

Some of the most interesting material we have run over the past year or so has been by feminists committed to the defence and advancement of women’s liberation. These are women in a global political trend who have suffered the most hideous misogynistic and violent abuse by trans activists and their enablers on the increasingly postmodernist left, including sections of the ‘far left’ who have traded in Marxism and class-struggle anarchism for faux-radical postmodernism.

We also have a layer of anarchist friends, several of whom have contributed articles and with whom we have found quite a bit in common. These are serious political anarchists, not lifestyle anarchists who adopt the posture of anarchism because they think it allows them to do any shit they like without any responsibility and boosts their attention-seeking predilections.

Marxists from other traditions – and the Redline editorial group already consists of people with backgrounds in half a dozen left traditions anyway – have also been contributing material, especially around materialism and the defence of women’s rights from the new super-entitled men’s rights movement that is trying to put women back into a completely subservient position in society and even redefine what a woman is in order to stomp all over women’s rights and actually erase women.

Altogether, of the 20 most-viewed articles in the past 12 months, over half were written by people outside the blog collective itself.  Five of the most-viewed articles were written by three Marxists in Britain alone.  Several were written by radical feminists in New Zealand.  One was written by a non-aligned Marxist here.  Others were written by non-aligned Marxists in the US and by a Marxist in Australia.

In terms of writing for Redline, what we are not interested in as far as articles go are conspiracy theories, irrationalism, hostility to materialist analysis and the promotion of various other crank stuff, the sort of stuff that in the early 21st century is found increasingly on the liberal left, including the parts of the liberal left that think they are part of the revolutionary left.

So, if you are interested in writing, regularly or occasionally, for Redline, contact us at:

Or message us at the Redline Facebook page.

Let’s build up the voices of sanity, liberation and material plenty for everyone on the planet.


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