Maya Forstater: I lost my job for speaking up for women’s rights

Here is the speech that Maya Forstater gave at the Woman’s Place UK Women’s Liberation 2020 conference at UCL on February 1st 
Women’s Liberation 2020

In a recent newsletter she wrote:

it was an amazing day (and brilliant to meet so many people in real life).

I talked about what makes people and organisations stand up for truth and integrity on this topic, and what stops them. And about the need for ordinary clear language about sex to protect everyone’s safety, dignity, freedom of association and of belief and speech. .

I also asked people to fill in the Scottish Government’s consultation on its proposal for legal gender self-identification ( guidance from For Women Scotland here:

A few days later it was shocking to hear Labour Party leadership candidates describing Woman’s Place UK as a hate group and calling for those involved to be expelled from the Party.

But both the efforts of everyone standing up, and the disproportionate responses of those trying to shut them down bring sunlight and scrutiny. It does feel like the debate is opening up.

Secondly is a legal blogpost “The Forstater Employment Tribunal Judgment – a critical appraisal in light of Miller”

Karon Monaghan QC is a very well respected barrister who practices in equality and human rights law. She comments on my case and that of Harry Miller (who won his case against Humberside Police)

She says;

“It is somewhat surprising – and bold – for an ET to conclude that a “view” held by the senior courts and reflected in judgments spanning 40 years are not worthy of respect in a democratic society, not compatible with human dignity and conflicted with the fundamental rights of others”

She concludes “it seems increasingly likely that the decision in Forstater will not survive an appeal.”

This of course is not the last word (and there are other legal articles out there I try to keep track of everything at, but it is encouraging.

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  1. “Keep striving” in the words of Tiffany Poon.

    I may bother some people by mentioning Ivanka Trump, but she is trying to work for women world wide. At a new conference with the Indian PM, Narendra Modi a couple of days ago, Donald Trump acknowledged his daughter’s efforts. Accompanied by a laugh from someone. But he didn’t seem to wince, just said thank you.

    About 35:55 in: briefly how US intends to help women in India. I’m not sure if the little laugh came from the Indian PM or why.

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