Softy Jejune Parson – the new Mother Superior of Wellington


The Council of Disobedient Women has learned that the Prefect of Aro Valley has been promoted to a new role with the blessing of the Pope of Wellington. Softy Jejune Parson has been appointed Mother Superior of Woke Wellington for the work she has been doing calling out heretics, the Pope declared. He announced the position earlier this week, after SJP successfully reported another gender heathen to their employer.

Whenever SJP would hear of someone blaspheming that women don’t have penises, or saying evil things like women are entitled to exclude males from changing rooms, women’s refuges and women’s prisons, she’d be straight on to Linked In to seek out their masters.

There is an Index of Prohibited Texts including the Speak Up For Women website, All Forms of British Terfery, Redline, Renee Gerlich, Feminism 2020 talks and any mention whatsoever of Canadian she-devil Meghan Murphy.

The Pope of Wellington and the Mother Superior have decreed anyone denying the transubstantiation of man into woman upon declaration shall face severe penalties. Impenitent heretics who are found to be gender criticising shall be condemned to unemployment. The most blessed situation is the sacking of the blasphemer, the Pope of Wellington has declared on many occasions. 

For lesser crimes, or when the workplace cannot be ascertained, a punishment of torment lasting a minimum of one hundred tweets, repeating the basic doctrine, shall be meted out by the Mother Superior.

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  1. Great piss-take. I especially loved the bit about the transubstantiation of man into woman. The woke left have not only gone post-modernist, but they have also gone pre-modern religious obscurantist. This is just like the belief, begun in the Middle Ages (1215 I think), that bread and wine become the body and blood of Christ.

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