Gay Men Address Gender Identity

Gay men see the excesses of trans activism and are increasingly speaking out.  A new Facebook group addressing ‘gender identity’ and contemporary trans activism has been set up for gay men, by gay men. The following is the group’s Statement of Intent, Group Rules, and link to the group for gay men who wish to join.

Statement of intent
This group was created by gay men as a reaction to the excesses of the contemporary trans agenda. Under “contemporary trans agenda”, the moderators understand a set of practices and claims which some advocacy groups, some trans people (not all) and some allies have developed and/or supported. The group has been created to provide a gay voice on these issues and contribute to a quality debate.

The excesses addressed by the moderators are:

  • Encroachment of trans advocacy groups over psychotherapeutic and medical practices, especially the suppression of the gatekeeping model in transgender care and the unnecessary medicalization of gender dysphoric individuals
  • A new form of political correctness, including the ideological reshaping of language, which all too often amounts to an infringement of free speech
  • Erasure of sex with gender in several areas of social life, including in public policies
  • The consequences of an immediate and unconditional self-identification and change of sex marker on birth certificates

The damages observed by the moderators are:

  • More and more teenagers, especially young females (mostly homosexual), are being fast-tracked on medicalization and a rising number of people report that they have been harmed by medical transition
  • Many parents report that they feel let down by mental health professionals who do not assess their children properly and apply the model of care imposed by advocacy groups
  • Women’s rights and safe spaces are being violated under the claim that gender identity equals sex.
  • The very reality of same sex attraction is in the process of being substituted by the notion of “same gender” attraction. As gay men who have had or still have to deal with homophobia, we cannot accept the relativization of biology in the definition of our sexuality.
Homosexuality is same sex – not same gender – attraction

The moderators agree on the following:

  • According to well-established independent clinicians, some individuals do seem to benefit from transition when properly assessed.
  • Medical transition shouldn’t be seen as the ultimate solution and mental-health professionals must carry on working on other alternatives to cure gender dysphoria.
  • Transition shouldn’t be a free choice issue. “Informed consent” clinics must be shut down and the current “affirmative approach” considered a malpractice.
  • Sex must remain a protected category in the law and must not be replaced by gender.
  • Gender is understood as masculinity/femininity and as the cultural constraints placed upon individuals born a certain sex in complex social dynamics.
  • Any definition of man/woman beyond a mere biological framework reproduces sexist patterns. Therefore, we support gender non-conformity among men and women, and certainly not the conflation of sex and gender.
  • Same-sex spaces must be protected and their organizers shouldn’t be forced to allow the unconditional inclusion of any trans-identified person.

Group rules

This group has been created to report on the excesses of trans activism. Its content is closely monitored to ensure a quality source of information for gay men who are sceptical of the recent developments regarding this issue.

Accepted content:

Properly referenced and/or official pieces of information: for instance, press articles, websites, videos, scientific and academic papers, public policies. The introductory text of each post should not express any personal opinion and should only be a brief description of the content. Personal opinions should only be posted in the comments section and should contribute to a quality debate.

Unacceptable content:

Contributions which mock or invalidate trans people and stir up hostility and hatred against any kind of group won’t be accepted, including in the comments section.

We understand ourselves as a gay voice and an independent citizen initiative inclusive of all political and religious sensitives. However, we distance ourselves from any kind of fundamentalism.

Admins: Patricks Freizeit and Hamish McGregor