The wokey blokes & their adolescent certitude

 The Council of Disobedient Women recommends this commentary from our sister at TeWhareWhero

On Fools and Fumaroles

This post was inspired by a Facebook thread shared by someone I know. I haven’t used full names because I wasn’t involved in the discussion. 
First up is Alex who approvingly posted this meme on his facebook page but made little further contribution to the ensuing discussion apart from bemoaning how sad it is that posts about Syria do not attract the same attention.  

This meme is one of the host of calls for acts of literal and symbolic violence against women that now litter most of the social media wrangles around this issue. It’s driven by the same sorts of attitude that fuelled the recent actions of trans rights protesters in the UK – squirting water in women’s faces at a time when acid attacks are becoming increasingly common. 

It’s a call for harm to be done to women and those who make these calls hide behind the claim that so-called ‘TERFs’ are causing a far greater harm to trans people, and are literally all equivalent to ‘Nazis’.  It is shameful and unworthy of anyone who calls himself a socialist.

And then there is the more outspoken, Shayne, whose attempt to forensically dissect gender critical feminism foundered in the swamp of his own overblown rhetoric and whose hyperbolic views were informed more by misogyny than political analysis, viz: 

Fucked up bigotry”, “Disgusting bigotry,” “Hate activists”, “Hate preachers”, and – even that favourite rejoinder of anal-obsessed boys – “Eat farts.”

In Shayne’s world ‘Terfism’ ” … is about creating an exclusive club for which only those defined by an archaic essentialist conception of sex is allowed into the magic circle of ‘woman’. . .”

Woman – that’d be the half of all human beings who have ever lived, within whose archaic and essentialist bodies all humans have been gestated – hard though that might be for pomoblokes to accept.  

Females are the sex that is so often subjected to selective abortion and infanticide because male lives are so much more valued in cultures steeped in millennia of misogyny – a misogyny whose tentacles seem to have wrapped tightly around parts of Shayne’s political and critical anatomy.

TERFism, he claims, is an“arcane system of essentialism that defines a person’s worth by the physical attributes where they were born with...betrays the whole project of feminisms and winds back the progress of women by decades.”

 Ah, don’t you just love a self-proclaimed progressive who sees the four decades of neo-liberalism as having been good for all women. Perhaps Shayne should step outside his bubble of western male privilege and look at the lives of women globally and at the poor within his own, very wealthy country – and consider how many women have been shut out of neoliberal capitalism’s ‘menu of choices’ and how very easily all those things by which the progress of women in the west are often measured, could be lost.  Read the rest of the article here