New Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Alliance formed in Britain

A group of lesbians, gay men and bisexuals resolved at a meeting in Central London 22 Oct 2019 to set up a new “LGB Alliance” to counteract the confusion between sex and gender which is now widespread in the public sector and elsewhere.

The participants – who included former employees and supporters of the lobby group Stonewall, plus doctors, psychiatrists, academics and lawyers with expertise in child safeguarding – agreed a foundation statement centering biological sex rather than the gender theories which they regard as pseudo-scientific and dangerous.

This follows a refusal by Stonewall, which was originally set up to fight legal discrimination against gay men and lesbians, to respond to a petition asking it to acknowledge the range of valid viewpoints around sex, gender and transgender politics.

The new group aims to be an umbrella organisation that supports freedom of speech, accurate biological definitions of sex and fact-based education. It will maintain links to all groups who fight for the rights of lesbians, bisexuals and gay men at a time when Stonewall brands same-sex attraction as transphobic.

It has also called for an end to ‘Stonewall Law’, which deliberately misrepresents the Equality Act, and has asked the Equality and Human Rights Commission to investigate whether Stonewall, as a recipient of public funds, is upholding its public duty to represent the voices of LGB people and facilitate discussion between different groups protected under the Equality Act.

The members of the new Alliance agreed, as part of a 20-point position statement, that:

• homosexuality is same-sex (not same-gender) attraction;

• lesbians are biological women who are attracted to other biological women;

• sex is not ‘assigned’ at birth but observed;

• it is not transphobic for lesbians to have their own spaces and institutions which exclude male-bodied people;

• there is often a link between transgender ideology and the suppression of homosexuality;

• telling children who do not confirm to gender stereotypes that they are born in the wrong body is damaging and regressive;

• the soaring numbers of teenage girls suddenly presenting as trans is evidence of social contagion and discomfort about lesbianism

Please support us in the important work ahead. For more information contact or via Facebook LGB Alliance U

You can donate to the work of the LGBA, here.  They are trying to raise £25,000 to get off the ground.

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