Freer Lives – a gender-critical Marxist site

From time to time we add links to our blogroll.

The latest blog we have added is Freer Lives.  This is a Marxist gender-critical blog, based in Melbourne, Australia.  On it you will find a bunch of excellent articles which use the tools of Marxist analysis to critique the rise of trans ideology and activism of the kind which attacks women and women’s rights.

At a time when so much of the left in New Zealand, including people who say they are Marxists, have fallen for extreme post-modernist identity politics and gone along with verbal, written and physical attacks on radical feminists and, indeed, any women who refuse to kow-tow to the New Misogyny, Freer Lives is a breath of fresh air.

Thankfully it is not the only such breath too.  A recent contributor to Redline is starting a gender-critical facebook group for gay men.  And there is a brand new facebook group for gender-critical Marxists, anarcho-syndicalists and radical social democrats.

Also just formed is an LGB Gender-Critical Radicals group.

We will get links up to these facebook groups soon, and also run an article on the growth of left-wing and gay/lesbian/bi gender-critical groups.

And we will be running an article, possibly interview, with the person who initiated Freer Lives shortly.

We will also be documenting the growth of misogynist violence by transactivists and the role of ‘left’ groups and individuals in facilitating and supporting and excusing this violence.

In the meantime, here is a taste of the Marxist analysis you can find on Freer Lives:

Gender ideology, the bosses and the right

Last year Philip or Pip Bunce, a male-born gender-fluid executive, was listed in the “top 100 female champions” of women in business by the Financial Times, the closest thing there is to an official media mouthpiece for Britain’s ruling class. It is a handy enough symbol of elite support for gender ideology, whatever you think of Bunce. The bosses are responsible for the mainstreaming of the transgender trend, and determine its political impact, carried through via establishment political parties like the Tories and US Democrats, managers of public and private bureaucracies, and the corporate media. This is often pointed out by gender critical progressives and is the core argument in Freer Lives.

The capitalist class and its woman problem

The core reason for this support lies in the bosses’ tricky relationship with women. The capitalist class relies on the family to maintain today’s and tomorrow’s wage slaves free of charge. As the welfare state is cut back and the population ages, the system’s demand for this free work is growing. Theoretically the burden could be lumped equally onto men and women, but the deep historical roots of sexism makes it overwhelmingly easier to keep the bulk of it on women’s shoulders. So for the bosses it is vital that women should continue to see themselves as inferior and as natural nurturers and homemakers. At the same time, they want women as wage slaves. Yet in the. . .   continued here. . .