Ardern was supposed to be the anti-Trump, but she failed to speak truth to power

 Labour is a rather middle-of-the-road capitalist party and earlier this year we discussed how far from being ‘transformative’, Ardern’s government is. An article published this week in the Guardian, by Bryce Edwards (political scientist and commentator at Victoria University), looks at Ardern’s business as usual performance. Where are the loud declarations now on what she called her generation’s ‘nuclear-free moment’?

The leader who said the climate crisis was her generation’s ‘nuclear-free moment’ did not raise the issue with the US president.  Meeting with Trump was always a fraught proposition for New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern. It was never going to deliver any clear wins, and was unlikely to do her progressive reputation any favours. And that’s the outcome – Ardern’s reputation has probably taken a hit, at least among her own progressive constituency.