Woke misogyny and homophobia: a gay critique of trans ideology

We asked a young gay science student and critic of trans ideology and the trans activists’ assault on women’s and gay rights to outline his views on Redline.  Thanks to him for his article.

by Cian Ó Catháin

Gender identity ideology (Gender ID) is ripping through western society at full force, bringing out misogyny and homophobia from big sections of the so-called left. It’s in plain sight and is ugly as hell.

Women’s and girls’ (human females) sex-based rights are being eroded to make way for the inclusion of males who “identify” as women in their spaces. Whether it’s women’s refuges, women’s prisons, changing and restrooms, or women’s sports, gender ID is having a profound effect on legislation that exists for the rights of the female sex-class to equal opportunity, as well as safeguarding.

Two sexes

Gender-critical women who simply know there are only two sexes are labelled “TERFs” (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists), a slur often accompanied with violent threats, as well as actual, physical violence. Twitter actively bans women, with Canadian feminist Meghan Murphy, editor of Canada’s leading feminist website, banned for “misgendering” a shady trans-identified male who goes by the name Jessica Yaniv, despite going by the names ‘Jessica’ and ‘Jonathan’ at the time of the ban.

Countless other women are banned on what now seems to be a daily basis, with intersex/DSD advocate Claire Graham recently banned too. All of this for simply saying that women are adult human females, deserve sex-based rights and the right to female-only spaces, and that being a woman is not a feeling inside a bloke’s head.

Lesbians, who naturally exclude males from their romantic and sex lives, are subject to “cotton ceiling” rhetoric from gender ID activists, the cotton ceiling referring to lesbians’ underwear as a barrier to be broken by males who “identify” as “lesbians”, in pursuit of validating their delusion. This crossing of sexual boundaries is heinous, and it’s the same thing lesbians have had to deal with from men long before the mainstream madness of gender identity ideology.

Homosexuals, both lesbians and gay men, are increasingly told that our sexual orientation refers to “gender”, not sex. “Sex is fluid”, we’re told. This is outrageous. We are not attracted to someone’s hidden “gender identity” and we are not bisexual. We’re supposedly “transphobic” and need to “unlearn our biases” if we don’t validate the delusions of those who push gender ID onto us. This kind of talk is how I initially learned how backward gender ID is. And I’m still angry about it.

With the aid of the woke left, there is now a concerted effort to turn gay young people straight

Woke weasels enabling anti-gay eugenics

I have something to say to these woke weasels: Fuck you.

As if the madness seems like it couldn’t get worse, it does.

Gender non-conforming children, many of whom are likely grow up to be same-sex attracted, are being taught the lie that liking “girly” things means they might be a girl even though they’re male, and that liking “boyish” things means they might be a boy even though they’re female. Increasingly, many are going to ‘gender clinics’, with girls outnumbering boys, and being given hormones to disrupt natural puberty, cross sex hormones, double mastectomies, and ‘sex reassignment’ surgeries.

This is terribly regressive, harmful, and homophobic. It teaches children that what makes one a male or female is what most of us would simply call ‘sex stereotypes’, and that medicalisation is necessary if children find navigating our sex stereotyped society a challenge. This is abhorrent and I agree with those who call this practice gay eugenics.

Five clinicians of the UK’s Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS), as well as a governor of The Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, have resigned over concerns regarding the treatment of children troubled about their “gender identity”, or sex.

The Times UK has reported that the clinicians believe “that some gay children struggling with their sexuality are being wrongly diagnosed as ‘transgender’” [at GIDS]. Another piece from the Times reports, “So many potentially gay children were being sent down the pathway to change gender, two of the clinicians said there was a dark joke among staff that ‘there would be no gay people left’.” If this doesn’t raise the hairs on your neck, I don’t know what will.

Erasing women and homosexuals

The language we use to refer to sex and its related terms has been distorted so much that women and homosexuals are fighting to hold onto the terms that describe themselves with coherency. Male, female, boy, girl, man, woman, heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual, sexual orientation, intersex/DSD. . . all terms related directly to sex, to biological reality, are being snatched and used in the ideology that is ‘gender identity’. Is this not a form of language appropriation? I think it is and, predictably, it is lesbians and women/girls in general that are disproportionately affected. I wonder why that is? (I hope you don’t struggle to think why!)

Sex self-ID has been put on hold in New Zealand thanks to the work of women’s group Speak Up For Women NZ. This extreme and truly bizarre form of identity politics is intended to allow anyone (no questions asked) to change their sex marker on their birth certificate.  It has proven to be disastrous legislation, as evidenced by the case of Jessica Yaniv in Canada. Over a dozen women have been dragged through the human rights tribunal and settlements made for “discrimination” on the basis of “gender identity”. What was this supposed discrimination?

Refusal of women to wax male genitalia to be a crime?

Yaniv believes that getting his balls waxed is a “gender-affirming” service. The man is unhinged. But this is what sex self-ID opens the door to. It is not the fault of trans people in general that those who abuse systems exist, but this is the logical outcome of ill-thought-out legislation coupled with the push to gaslight the public with the notion that when one says they are a man or a woman, we must comply with their assertions despite our eyes, noses, and ears – and brains – telling us the complete opposite.

I urge more men to read up and speak up, gay men especially. Quit the ‘inclusive in the tweets, exclusive in the sheets’. Women, straight and gay, shouldn’t be forced to do this alone and it is their sex-based rights that are most at risk, by far. Use a pseudonym in some online spaces if you have to, but speak the truth with your close family and friends, at the very least.

Seek out women’s groups who centre female people in their activism and ask what you can do to help.

Show you support women’s and girls’ rights by heading over to Speak Up For Women NZ and let the New Zealand Olympic Committee, Sport New Zealand, and the Minister for Sport Hon Grant Robertson know that sport must be categorised by sex, not gender identity: https://speakupforwomen.nz/projects-campaigns/speak-up-for-women-sport

And please sign The Declaration on Women’s Sex-Based Rights: https://www.womensdeclaration.com/ 

To see the range of our gender-critical pieces on Redline, go to Gender-critical material on Redline.


  1. Why are people who promote gender-identity ideology considered left wing (albeit ‘so-called left wing’)? As a left-wing straight woman, I really object to my political orientation being hijacked by a movement with which I strongly disagree.

    • Don’t try to throw this burning bag of excrement onto the right wing’s door step. This whole heartedly has left wing written all over it. Eventually you run out of “offenders” and start eating your own. Enjoy the dumpster fire your side has created.

    • Yes, it’s annoying. They identify as left-wing on other questions, and still hold reactionary ideas. Workerists said, we can’t discuss race oppression because it divides the class. Still a reactionary position, even though those holding it were ever-so-radical.

    • I agree, it is a hijacking of the political orientation of left wing. The genuine left recognises and fights against misogyny and women’s oppression. It also is based on material reality; whereas trans ideology is utterly subjective and unscientific.

      • I wish this was true about the left. In my experience, as a leftist activist, other leftists go along hook, line and sinker with trans ideology — though, now I am beginning to question if those on the left who go along with and even promote and perpetuate this huge mind fuck of gender identity ideology, are real leftists. Maybe that is what the problem is — the left has been gutted by fascists and too many are afraid to step forward and there are too many fascists. We are outnumbered it would seem.

    • It’s a Trojan horse, a fifth column. Someone has been sly about crafting a right wing ideology wrapped in a left wing style that superficially resembles various civil rights movements. This strategy is effective because a critical mass of people fall for it. Trans ideology values are pulled straight from the far right. It uses surgery to disfigure people who question sex stereotypes. It is an institutionalized and violent form of gay bashing and sterilization, and shares a lot in common with blackface.

      • I’m a right wing homo, and at the risk of getting flame, that’s pure bullshit. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, on the right I know supports the “trans” ideology at all, in any way whatsoever. They are dead set against it in all situations.

        You people on the left created this nightmare, and you are going to have to put the genie back in the bottle. We on the right are not going along with the “trans” crap but it’s your responsibility to clean up your own mess. Do not lay it on us because we didn’t start it and we don’t support it at all.

        But take heed, there’s money involved here. A LOT of money for hormones, surgery, etc. so you are going to have to fight the deep pocketed medical industry because they are salivating at the thought of the cash they can bring in as more and more people buy into the absurd and dangerous “trans” ideology.

      • It is not right wing, it is right wing men who speak against it. To me it is not a left or right issue, it is a sex human rights issue. My experience has been in life that the left movement never much bothered with women’s rights, let alone lesbian rights, gay either. In fact if New Zealanders were honest it was right wing politicians who promoted same sex relationship rights.

  2. I just don’t understand how LGBA groups allow mtf transgender willy nilly and expect them to be able to use female spaces despite having a penis and in some cases, using it to assault women in women’s spaces. Why can’t mtf transgender fight for their own facilities instead of piggy backing on others? The whole male gay movement has become misogynistic including banning lesbians from Pride marches because they won’t have relationships with mtf transgender. I fought alongside many others for gay and lesbian rights and women’s rights which they fought hard for? I was criticised by a friend’s friend for not understanding biology. Biology has nothing to do with. We need people with courage to stand up this ridiculous acceptance of gender identity. My husband and I now joke every time we’re in a supermarket car park that he self identifies as a pregnant woman and I self identify as a toddler so we should park in spaces for mothers with young child or are expectant. The whole thing is farcical but nobody seems to be willing to stand up and say so.

  3. So glad to see that a gay man is understanding what is going on and the danger it poses to the lesbian and gay community. Though we lesbians have been on the front lines, and all women are under threat, gay men too are being harmed by this regressive homophobic ideology yet few have spoken out.

    And thanks again Redline for giving voice to gender critical Leftists. Gender identity ideology does not belong on the Left as it goes against the ABCs of radical, revolutionary and socialist politics: material reality exists and women are oppressed as a sex. I can’t believe how far down the rabbit hole we’ve gone but it’s good to know that we have allies. Keep these great articles coming.

    • Ann, we are always happy to provide a platform for gender-critical left-wing folks. Agree totally with you re material reality. It is amazing how many people who identify as Marxists have forgotten (or never knew) this. They have totally succumbed to the post-modernist notion that reality is whatever anyone says it is. To see people who say they are Marxists channelling Judith Butler is, sadly, a sign of the times.

      And many younger leftists claiming to be Marxists of some kind can’t be arsed studying Marx. Too much work, too hard apparently, So these ‘Marxists’ without Marx simply fall for whatever happens to be making a lot of noise and *looking* radical at any point in time. There also seems to be a helluva lot of narcissism about.

      In a way I think it’s a pity there aren’t a load of FtM transgenders invading gay saunas and sitting next to gay guys in the spa and sauna rooms. And invading all the other gay male spaces. That would get a lot more gay guys taking up arms against the nonsense!

      What is less clear is why a section of older lesbians act as enablers of this misogynistic and homophobic nonsense. I guess ‘going with the flow’ makes life easier and maybe a section of older lesbians have vacated lesbian spaces in order to tend their gardens and pursue quiet domestic lives. But I think that is short-sighted. Because the MtF trans are coming for them too!

      I’m pretty clear on how a lot of the left have become enablers of a deeply misogynistic and anti-gay ideology, but I’m less clear how this freaking insanity got going. Despite the attempt of MtF transgender activists/ideologues to make out this is nothing new and transgenders have been around throughout human history, this is simply not the case. There were drag queens – men who ‘presented’ part-time as caricatured women but did not claim to *be* actual women – but there no ‘trans women’. The ‘trans women’ phenomenon is only a decade or two old.

      One of the morbid symptoms that Gramsci mentioned!

      • I know an older lesbian who has bought into the “trans” ideology with no thought whatsoever. She is married and just goes with whatever narrative the left comes up with. I tried to warn her but she completely discounted my opinion as I’m “transphobic.”

        Ha, ha. Boy is she in for a big surprise!

  4. Excellent summary, especially on the legal and medical consequences of gender-ID and genderist ideology, the reactionary logic of transing potentially gay and lesbian children, silencing ANY discussion and critique. And, love the “day without lesbians” picture; I was at that march!

    I am a Lesbian who has been trying for several years now to fight this dreadful conflation of “sex” and “gender” that erodes women’s right to organise and socialise as FEMALES, not to mention the stripping away of hard won SEX-BASED protections in legislation.

    Here in Australia I have been totally astounded that “the Left” and other progressives (my political homeland up till now!) have been totally transwashed to the point where they are the active promoters of gender self-declaration legislation up to and including falsification of birth certificates (!) – such as has happened in Tasmania & is happening in Labor controlled Victoria right now.

    Seems like us Gender Critical feminists have been waiting waiting to hear that at least some from the Left, and at least some Gay men, can see transactivism for the political poison that it is – for all the reasons you have so succinctly outlined.
    So more power to your pen and thanks!

  6. Very good article Cian. I think highlighting the negative effects of trans ideology on young gay people is important, along with the whole misogynistic basis of trans ideology as an ideology.

  7. Excellent article. Well done. I think as awareness grows so does support for those of us who are critical of trans ideology.

  8. Brilliant truthful article Cian. I can only image the hateful responses you will receive from the misogynist MTF trans activists. It is time women are given back the right to be women without being dictated to by female constructs who were once masculine men.

  9. Thank you, thank you Cian for your call to action and support for a gender-critical stance. A position that older lesbian feminists like myself are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain. We raised our kids avoiding pink and blue and gender stereotypical behaviour, instead encouraging empathy and gentleness in our boys and practical and spatial skills in our girls. Many of us were tomboys ourselves and it pains us to see young gender-non conforming girls who might grow up to be happy lesbians being encouraged to bind their breasts and test out being trans because being lesbian is so uncool. We are being howled down as TERF’s, our groups miss out on most LGBTI funding because we are not ‘inclusive’, we are forced to include trans identified men (trans ‘women’) at our women’s dances and events. We have gone back underground in our organising of events to avoid this – a familiar place, just like it was before Gay and Women’s Liberation. Our Labour Victorian (Australian) government, supported by the Greens, are in the process of passing legislation that will allow sex markers on birth certificates to be changed annually in keeping with one’s belief about their gender – no need for any hormones, surgery, dress or medical confirmation. Any biological male who says that he thinks he’s a woman will have free access to all of the sex-segregated spaces that are there to protect women and girls from male assault. What’s to stop male sexual predators and unconvicted paedophiles from claiming to be women? The conflation of sex and gender, the lack of science and of logic is jaw-dropping. The Emporer’s New Clothes fable comes to mind. As a life-long lefty, I find myself i the uncomfortable position of agreeing with the conservatives in opposing this legislation.

    I stand shoulder to shoulder with you.

  10. Excellent article. The call to men to “read up and speak up” is very important. As Cian says, women should not be left to fight this fight alone. The attacks on science and the vicious attacks on anyone who disagrees with the attacks on science and fights to retain the gains that women, lesbians, and the LGBTQ movement have made through struggle are really attacks on the entire working class. The substitution of gender identity for biological sex equals support for one of the basic cornerstones of class society and capitalism — the assigning of accepted roles for men and women (and children), and furthers the division and oppression of the working class.

  11. Great article. Thank you for your work. I like how you make an appeal to take action and to speak out. I also like that you invite everyone to stand up to homophobia and misogyny, not just those girls and women who arguably are impacted most by it. I hope our leftist comrades will read this and heed its call. Male violence against women is how patriarchy shapes all of us to be contorted in mind & body, instead of free.

  12. Heartened by all these comments. They’ve done the hard work standing up and reporting what’s happening. They really, really know what’s going on. Hopefully this reaches at least one gay man, and hopefully he does what I did and reads up/listens to women and lesbians and speaks up too.

  13. The article has got traction internationally, btw. Among those who have picked it up is one of the great comedy writers of the past quarter-century, Graham Linehan. Linehan is co-creater/co-writer of ‘Father Ted’, ‘Black Books’ and ‘The IT Crowd’ and a socially progressive supporter of women’s rights and critic of gender self-ID.

      • ??? The vast bulk of our material on the subject has been written by women and much of that material has got international traction. This particular article is in part about gay men and was written by a gay man. Articles written on Redline on this subject by women have gotten many tens of thousands of views altogether.

  14. Great article. The discussion of the left is interesting in that we often forget that all movements have a range of views not all agree on. I was in a far left group in the 70s and know just how complex the left is. I recall the struggles with socialist feminist in the 70-80s over sado masochism for lesbians. Historically the left has had many factions which have disagreed and even killed each other. Nothing is simple. All we know is that each individual has a range of views that can be labeled as left or right but may disagree with others in their group on many issues. Just look as the problem with Christians and their differences. We have to keep analysing and discussing everything and changing our views when the evidence is clear-not easy.

  15. Thank you. How the Rainbow movement cannot see that butch lesbians are under threat with this transitioning stuff is beyond me, how dare people who purport to stand for human rights try and justify removing the most precious lesbians as female children. It would suit agendas, because those girls make strong women who defend the lesbian community. Equally I am just as appalled if gay male children have their heads and bodies screwed with this stuff….Yes it is eugenics alright, a form of Nazism.

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