Sport categories must be by sex, not gender identity

The group Speak Up For Women has launched a campaign for women’s sports. Currently, women and girls are being disadvantaged by males who identify as transgender competing in female categories. This was highlighted when Laurel Hubbard, a transgender weightlifter, won the women’s title in the Pacific Games earlier this month.

With the 2020 Olympics looming, the blatant unfairness of biological males competing against women needs to be addressed.

Insisting that transwomen are women is negating the material reality of biological sex and is simply a faith-based mantra.

Trev/Tracey is a part-time crossdresser and spokesperson for Agender

The media in New Zealand have been reluctant to report on the issue. Stuff initially ran a story on the campaign and then edited it several times adding numerous quotes from a crystal-reading part-time cross-dresser called Trev arguing against women’s right to have their own sporting events. (The different versions are archived here). That crossdressing men are given a greater platform to argue what is fair for women in sports over a women’s group highlights what women are up against.

The campaign has, however, attracted interest from around the world:

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Speak Up For Women have a petition and email they are asking people to support.