A note from Cuba: Washington and the attempted coup in Venezuela

International solidarity conference this week in Cuba








by Ike Nahem (in Havana)

The accumulating post-mortems for the latest failure in the Trump Administration’s ongoing attempts to implement a right-wing military coup in Venezuela are now flying in the bourgeois press.  It’s not a pretty sight and will get uglier as the failure sinks in.

Recriminations are certain to intensify. Scapegoats must be found.

US Secretary of State Pompeo is issuing more open threats to militarily intervene. Regarding the actual prospects for this, articles in today’s New York Times and Washington Post reveal – through conscious leaks within the Pentagon, CIA, White House, and State Department – sharp tactical differences over the consequences of direct US military intervention.

According to the Post, Trump’s national security advisor, John Bolton, is pissed at Pentagon top brass for not providing concrete plans for military strikes and instead telling him of the inherent and potentially disastrous consequences of such action.  His rude interruptions caused his Pentagon interlocutor to slam his fist down on the table and the meeting to be ended.

At the International Solidarity Meeting here in Havana this morning, militant and enthusiastic solidarity with Venezuela permeated the discussions. ICAP (Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples) president and Cuban Five hero Fernando Gonzalez exposed Bolton and Pompeo’s lies about Cuban troops:

“They are trying to blame Cuba for the resistance of the Venezuelan people. . . if the US walks the path of confrontation, Cuba will not back down.”

Venezuela’s Ambassador to Cuba, Adnan Chavez gave a heartfelt, militant speech, declaring, “We have defeated once again the putschists, the coup.”

Redline will be running a full report on this important conference at the end of next week by another of the attendees.