And over on The Irish Revolution

Several of us at Redline maintain separate blogs: the Irish Revolution (about Irish history and politics) and 100 Years of Trenches (anti-militarism, anti-imperialism, in particular in relation to NZ).

Below are some recent highlights from the Irish revolution blog:

Bernadette (Devlin) McAliskey talks about the lead-up to when her and Michael McAlikey were shot when pro-British terrorists broke into their home in early 1981; what happened on the morning; and the overall political context:

No to the extradition of Irish republican activists Seán Farrell and Ciarán Maguire:

Remembering March 1, 1976, when the British Labour imperialists took away special category status, declaring war on Irish republican POWs:

“The country was completely ruined by the English wars of conquest” – Engels on Ireland, May 1856:

Fintan Lalor, 1847 – “My object is to repeal the Conquest – not any part or portion, but the whole an entire conquest of 700 years”: