Inspired to radicalism?

by Don Franks   15 March 2019   


Around the corner their numbers burst , hundred upon hundred. Waves of excitement and energy melded into an almost scary sense of solidarity. Hand-painted signs with slogans crude, simplistic, impatient, frightening, funny.

Wellington’s Willis Street was temporarily, but completely, occupied by its accusing school children.

Ready waiting for them at parliament will be politicians, skilled to co-opt and deflect the militancy. “You’re great,” they’ll say. “You’re great and we’re listening! We’re with you!”

They’re not of course, not if it means standing up to capitalism. Some of those kids will buy the slick, practised hype, some will not be bullshitted and will keep going, for life. Inspired to radicalism by one of the most moving demonstrations the capital has seen in an age.

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