March 8 International Women’s Day 2019

Here are some articles on women from Redline this past year and from the archives.

by Daphna Whitmore The Speak Up for Women public event on 26 February in Auckland marked a turning point. For several years a growing number of progressive people have been raising concerns about women’s rights being undermined by an aggressive transgender ideology that seeks to redefine women to include men who self-identify as women. All […]


by Daphna Whitmore The Speak Up for Women campaign has succeeded in getting a deferment to a law change that would have made it possible for someone to change their sex on their birth certificate by simply filling out a form online. Internal Affairs Minister Tracey Martin has announced that the BDMRR Bill will be deferred […]


On February 11 the campaign group Speak Up for Women received notification from Phantom Billstickers that their poster campaign calling for public consultation on the controversial Births, Deaths, Marriages, and Relationships Registration Bill would be removed from over 60 sites from Auckland to Invercargill, in a move that is being described as reactionary and anti-free […]


On January 14  the Speak Up for Women Campaign was launched. This campaign is to oppose the current state of the Birth, Deaths, Marriages and Relationship Registrations bill and its proposals for sex self-identification. “The BDMRR Bill will be read when Parliament returns in February 2019 and the campaign organisers are asking for help to […]


by Daphna Whitmore Fallon Fox became a professional mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter in 2013 and won her first fight in two minutes and the next fight in 39 seconds. A few days later Fox came out as a trans woman after being contacted by a reporter who told her “I know”. Fox had kept […]


Here is a report by Renee Gerlich a foremost New Zealand writer on women’s oppression with factual up to date advance on the piece Jill Brasell wrote some years ago, by a foremost New Zealand writer on women’s oppression. Don Franks ……………………………… This report gathers findings from a range of sources, as well as including anecdotal material […]


The Congress in Argentina has been discussing abortion law reform in that country.  Mass action in support of reform has taken place in the streets, there have been school occuaptions and other action.  Below is the mass march and rally in Buenos Aires; the video is by Left Voice. As you will see at the […]


by Philip Ferguson “I think for so many people in this country the weekend’s vote was just like an enormous weight being lifted – a ball and chain that dogged us all our adult life being finally gone. And I can’t believe that I’m 50 years of age and it’s taken this long. . .  […]


This is the first in what will be an occasional series of articles we are running about specific revolutionary women; we say ‘occasional’ simply because they won’t be daily or weekly.  This article was not written to be part of this series; Yassamine wrote it for a different purpose, but we thought it was a […]


Today, March 8, is International Working Women’s Day – or what feminists have hijacked into the classless International Women’s Day.  Last month also marked the 100th anniversary of the February 1917 revolution in the Russian Empire, a revolution sparked off by working class women.  by Anne McShane The centenary of International Working Women’s Day in Petrograd […]

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