100 years ago today: Rosa Luxemburg, murdered January 15, 1919

Pic: Der Spiegel

Today, January 15, 2019, marks the 100th anniversary of the murder of one of the finest revolutionaries of all, Rosa Luxemburg.  She and fellow revolutionary workers’ leader Karl Liebknecht were executed at the behest of German Labourite heads.

On Redline, we have a range of articles about – and some material by! – Rosa Luxemburg.

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For a range of Rosa’s work, check out the Rosa Luxemburg library on the Marxist Internet Archive, here.


  1. How timely, as I’m reading a book on the History of The German General Staff- 1657 to 1945, by Walter Goerlitz. Probably the best book on the famous or infamous General Staff depending on one’s POV. Anyway I’m currently reading the 1919- 20 part around the time of Rosa’s untimely death and various power struggles that happen with the signing of that horrible document called the Treaty of Versailles.

    My late grandmother was named after Rosa and the name is still carried on today from grandmothers side of the family. As we are still Socialist/ Trade Union supporters inform or another

  2. 10,000 people took to the streets to commemorate Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht in Berlin. That’s pretty impressive after 100 years.

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